Peter Petrelli (Episode 5 Spoilers :P~)

October 26, 2007

In the last episode of Heroes Peter finally opens the box and finds his passport, and we learn the following:

Date of Birth: 23 Dec 1979

Birthplace: New York, NY

Sex: Female.

Yupp. I’m sorry ladies, Peter is a WOMAN!


You can click on the pic to enlarge.


Source: some forum or blog I don’t remember


  1. Welcome back, sexy mama =P

    Ams re7t e3adat il haykala.. 3a6oni jadwal 7eta I was about to e-mail you today.. badal il ba6ala b3ad 6 months yanzil. W il jami3iyeen ra7 ya36onhom 175KDs…

    Ana min shahar 3 6al3a shadadti, radooni. Galaw ne6ray b3ad dof3a wa7da etha entay mo ma3ahom bil jareda, ta3alay. It7eseen be6al3oon il 150KDs min 5ashmi.

    W lazem ayeeb lehom ‘Ketab Leman Yahomoh Il Amor’ min il bank, w kil month. You sign papers menaak ba3daaaaaaain yanzil lich ib il bank account =P

  2. LOOL Maskhara:P

  3. I don’t watch heros but, ouch! 😛

  4. I didnt read that ;p bes il 3inwaan kafii!
    hohoohhhhh baroo7 ashoofaah

  5. I don’t watch heros, but wth?! lol! xD

  6. LOOOOL @ whoever’s in love with the actor. 😛
    a7is be6ee7 min 3einhum 😛

    Is that why he’s a nurse? LOOOOL
    oo 3ashan chithy githlita wayed hailigeya 3ashan ihwa ibnaya.

    3ad iloog lo sij in real life hes really a female. bas 3afya 3athalat :p

  7. :/ !! 6ala3 7orma!!!

  8. LOL!

  9. OMG no waaaay I like him lol terribl spoiler!! whyyY??? hes cute !! laish ysawooona woman! 😦

  10. LOOL vixen he’s not! It was a mistake, intentional or not I dunno, maybe they thought enha ra7 et6oof, but it’s funny as hell

  11. hola . yo soy ali vivo en españa edad 17 años soltro<<<<< garcias todos amigas i amigos

  12. esta mi msn >> raul_ali90@hotmail.com ok

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