Boycott male blogs!!

October 30, 2007

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War has been declared on zameeelatna Chikaa by the loomz!!!!!!!!!

So LADIES let’s all boycott the male blogs, and not comment on their blogs. If you check their blogs 99% of the comments are from girls anyway




  1. *crying* e walla! them boys are nasty!

    P.S: I will cll you after I finish work 😛

  2. LOOOL! kafoooh 3alla rassii wallaH
    Wooohoooooooo! *Dancing*

  3. Good idea!!

  4. So.. the ministry got to you too, segregation eh? Its a plague..

  5. loooooooooooooooooooool…every blog I am visiting has a ban on us :PpP

  6. Who’s winning? XD

  7. Do i smell segregation? 😛

  8. no no i dont agreeee 😀 im all anti feminist lol!

  9. actually your right…my comment are actually 99% from gurls 😛 and i aint complaining

  10. I don’t have male bloggers :[ *sniff*

  11. Intay ehneeee!!!

    wana agool wain ekhtefaitay!

    mabrook the new home!

  12. ana let me comment awal 3ashan i boycott Lol xD

  13. You’re hiding from us?!!!

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