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*Pass out*

November 29, 2007

£ 361.91








Nineteen Eighty Four: A Novel

November 27, 2007

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen…”

I have heard a lot about this novel by George Orwell. It is supposedly haunting, bleak, depressing. People claim that this is what humanity is heading for, and that some of what Orwell predicted of the future is chillingly accurate. Constant wars, opression, and lack of freedom of thought, love, anything except eating and drinking and making babies.

It was boring. For the first 100 pages, I would literally fall asleep after reading a few pages. It got so boring that at one point, I flipped through 19 pages. It was too unrealistic- which I don’t mind at all when reading science fiction, but I just had different expectations. It wasn’t the worst book I’ve read, but I give up on classics.


Cooking? nOp

November 26, 2007

It was 3:30 am I was feeling hungry even though I had dinner today. But I’m sleepy, and I don’t feel like engaging in another war with the kitchen, so I made an untasty lite meal that required no cooking.


1-minute soup from Knorr (it tasted like crap)
2 pieces of bread with a LOT of butter (yumm)
leftover sandwich from dinner
Laban- to boost up my calcium levels

And topped it off with 2 pieces of this:


DELICIOUS chocolate with marshmallows, caramel, and nuts.

Time to brush… Did you know that the minimum time you should spend brushing your teeth is 2 minutes twice a day?


On Sleep, Cooking, and what else?

November 25, 2007

If I can fix my sleep then I can do anything. Actually, I think I can do anything except fix my sleep. That’s one of the most difficult challenges I’ve faced, and for the millionth or billionth time, I give up. When I start working I’ll try again.

Saturday was a total waste of day. Asleep for 4 hours, awake for 3, asleep for 5 hours, awake for 4, and so on. So I’m officially back to my insomniac ways. I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do.

I started downloading the first couple of episodes of Ugly Betty. If I like it I’ll either buy the rest or borrow them, maly khelg I download the whole season.

2 hours ago, after realizing that I didn’t have dinner I decided that I wanted pancakes. Yes, at 4 a.m. So I go to the kitchen to make them- Ok I suck at cooking, but how hard can it be? Just mix the ingredients according to the box and cook.. Right? Well apparently I can’t even do that right, and end up burning pancakes! Seriously, who burns pancakes?! And is it just me, or does artifical maple syrup thingie tastes better than organic maple syrup?


Well at least I tried! I ended up with a salad (lettuce and salad dressing, nothing fancy) and yoghurt. Shasawee, I don’t know where things are in the kitchen, it’s not like I arrange it. I need my own kitchen ;/

And now my hair smells bad ;( My hair catches scents really quickly, I don’t know why! Maybe because it’s long? Short-haired people, do you have this problem?

It’s 6 a.m but still dark outside, for the first time the window’s cold to touch.. When i was in college, what i wore during fall/winter depended on how cold the window was.



Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

November 20, 2007

This wireless, portable device from brings reading to a new level. It allows the user to purchase books from the Kindle Store, and within a minute the book is delivered wirelessly. The store carries 80,000 books in addition to newspapers, magazines, and blogs; and you can read the beginning of any book or magazine for free before you decide to buy it. I won’t go into more technical details, that’s what Amazon is for.

It’s a very interesting concept, but I actually learned that it’s not completely new, there’s also the Sony Reader which I never heard about. And since it’s using a mobile network instead of WiFi, I don’t know how that will work out outside the US. I don’t really like the design, the Sony Reader looks better in my opinion. And I dunno, it’s much nicer when you have all the books piled in a bookcase, don’t you think? It is priced at $399, which is reasonable. I might get my hands on one some day, but only after they make one that works in kuwait and change the ugly design because design is very important to me. The concept is amazing though.




November 20, 2007

I’m trying to make a playlist on MyFlashFetish and after I made one it doesn’t wanna show! Stupid thing.



November 16, 2007

Again. I feel weak, my body is limp, my throat hurts like hell. I’m getting sick a lot lately and I’m very uncomfortable with this. I rarely used to get sick, but since the beginning of October I get sick, feel better for a while, relapse, and so on. I either have a very weak immune system or this is one m.f.-ing stubborn virus. I hate this, even when I used to get sick it never made me weak and tired and wanting to sleep all day like it’s doing recently.

Tomorrow is my cousin’s baby reception, I hope I feel better by that time. But right now, it’s 3-0 for the virus.




It’s Friday I should be out ;(