November’s first post

November 4, 2007

I haven’t posted anything the past few days, since it’s been quite hectic ! Thanx to Chika, I don’t really have to post much since pretty much everything I did is there :P. Let me recap:

Tuesday: I had my first job interview that went pretty well. They want to hire me, but since they’re just starting on their project they’re hiring the upper level employees first. So my vacation is ending soon, thanx to pressure from the family, so whatever happens now they better shut up and stop bugging me.

Wednesay: Strange I have no recollection whatsoever. I don’t know what I did !

Thursday: Went serching for a boat rental for the Red Bull Flugtag. Found a place in Nady el Yekhot. Went back later in the evening with the girls to check it out and they warned us about the bad weather conditions and that they may not sail tomorrow. That sucked. Went to Marina, checked out the planes, took our t-shirts, walked a lot. Details at Chika’s ;p

Friday: I won’t even bother with Friday. Chika’s blog ;o

Saturday: Went shopping in the afternoon, then to Swairs in the evening. Had fun!


So that’s it. 6ab3an I’m not used to all that walking since I’ve been a hermit since before Ramadan, and i really felt the bad effect of lying in bed for 2 months doing nothing cuz after walking my back kills me.

Anyway I’m sleepy , bye



  1. aiwaa! so your fingers hurt too !? 😛 At least you managed to do this post! 7amdellah 3al salamah & get used to the walking, we do go out ALOT 🙂

  2. Allah yewafgich inshallah they’ll accept you :]

  3. Lool on wednesday.and the last part of the post.
    just start the redbull refuling and you will be fine ;p

  4. […] weekend, first FlugTag with my lovely Twirlies, then a Girls’ Night In with Chika, Sou & EniGma (Girls’ Night In is mentioned on their posts, just click on the links)… So, girls, […]

  5. Had a great time yesterday and it was fab meeting you 🙂

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