And I’m back !

November 8, 2007

God Damn!!! Been coughing since the day we gathered at Swair’s house on Saturday, but I thought it was late allergies (which I SUFFERED from last month). On Sunday night it got bad, and by Monday I went to the dr who diagnosed it as acute bronchitis. Since it’s caused by a virus, no antibiotics will help so my best bet was so supress the cough, which wasn’t easy at all. I slept a lot maybe from all the cough syrup I overdosed on. I missed the Toastmasters meeting which I was looking forward to ;/ I wasn’t blogging cuz my arms hurt (Chika I swear).. well everything hurt! I’m still coughing, but the fever/chills/muscle cramps are gone 😀

Anyway if anyone wants a rigorous ab workout then let me cough in your face 😛




  1. Owww slamat sweety :*
    I don’t know what is worse, coughing or catching cold for over a month :\

  2. allah ysalmich dear :*

    i’ll take bronchitis over flu any day! Nashla makes me suicidal

  3. salamat ya 7elwa :*

    so you’re coming on saturday, right? around 12:00? cos it’s a lunch..

  4. salamat. ma itshofeen shar inshallah.

  5. Matshoofin shar.

  6. sallamat..I still got this dry cough now which I hate the most!

  7. Salamat o matshofen shar. I am impressed with people using medical terms nowadays;p

  8. :*

  9. Salaaaaamaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! Matshoofeeen shar!

    I need to upload a pic for u! When I was walking during 3eed I found this place (it was either an art gallery or a store) isma ENIGMA, kan right next to our hotel!

  10. merci all, shar mayeekom!

    Chirp that sounds just like something I would call an art store lol! 3ad my nick came from a Dali painting called “The Enigma of Desire”

  11. loll.. 7amdullah 3asalama yakhchi ;**

  12. Swair Shoo ishibkunn !
    I will be at Uni. So i’ll miss another gathering huh.

  13. Woohoo welcome bacck *HUG*
    7amdillah 3al samlama ;D

    fayoor what uni? its a weekend!

  14. salamaaaat and welcome back 😀

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