Swair’s Gathering !

November 10, 2007

My turn to blog about it!  No one posted pictures, I dunno why lol I usually don’t take pictures even though my camera is always with me. So not exactly a good start with an SMS of Chika’s grandmather’s passing. 3a6’am allah ajrech babe..

I went to Swair‘s at around 1:30. Jacqui, Pearls,  and Sou were already there, later another girl (Farah) joined. There was quite a lot of food for the 5 of us.  Swair ur gewd 😀 The machboos was yumm, and Pearl’s food was good too. I think I overdosed on sugar though.

We watched Friends, So You Think u Can Dance, and the cat :D:D:D I really had the urge to squeeze the cat when it was in my hands! But it was tiny I was afraid it would die.

Anyway, check the other girl’s blogs for details. Chikchik, Blue and the sisters, u were with us in spirit :*******



  1. CAT!? what CAT?! no one mentioned a cat?! ;p
    Yes yes food is goodd…
    very good diet, if it were everyday, bil3afya

    yeah allah yer7amha.
    Im glad you girlies had fun , you looked some what over dosed ;p-

    ;* right back at you.

  2. where are the pictures?

  3. It was great meeting you babes 🙂

  4. glad you had fun 😀

  5. I’m glad you had fun! 🙂

    Check my blog for the pic i told u about ;p


  7. glad you had fun woman =) inzain 3ad i need to see a picture of the cat!! :[

  8. interesting =P

  9. […] since the girls (Juju, EniGma & Pearls) have already posted about our Girls’ Day In, I guess it’s my turn […]

  10. Glad you had fun babe 😛

  11. glad you all had fun 🙂

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