Heroes- Episode 8

November 14, 2007

Ok the show is back on track in my opinion, I hope the next episodes don’t go back to the quality of the first ones (which were terrible). I have mixed feelings towards this episode. It was good, but I expected more answers:

What happened to Sylar? You liars you didn’t tell us how he survived! Even though it was mentioned in the trailer

-How did Nathan end up losing everything and turning into a bearded alcoholic in 2 weeks?

-DL’s death couldn’t have been lamer.

-Maya & Alejandro: I hate their storyline. I hate any episode that has this girl crying black tears.

-Peter ghabi! He doesn’t know how to act on his own!

-I LOVE the Kensei/Adam storyline. I don’t think he’s out to save the world, he doesn’t strike me as a good guy. How did he get here anyway? I know he can heal, but that doesn’t mean he can’t die.

Next weeks episode looks really good. I can’t wait to see what Hiro discovers, the catfight between Claire and Elle, and how it could end for Mr. Bennet



  1. :/ why am I not happy with this post!!

  2. I’m thankful for this episode. I think they really managed to put it together. The first few episodes just seem like pre-season stuff! How many episodes will this season go, I hope more than 22 :/

  3. I also don’t watch trailers they mess up my expectations!

  4. If you see the trailer you’ll see how many are left ;/

    And yeah the trailers are always so good !!

  5. I Saw it! :O Bas? That’s it? :/ Damn..

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