November 20, 2007

I’m trying to make a playlist on MyFlashFetish and after I made one it doesn’t wanna show! Stupid thing.



  1. lol! Where is it!

  2. shdarani! only their stupid logo ye6la3 (see right) maly khlg asheela

  3. Check the code again 🙂

  4. Yeah! The code .. OR wait till we get together & I’ll do it for you 😛

  5. Lool it happebed to me maliion maraa.
    you have to do ir all over again.

    or dawray for another flash fetish. ;p

  6. ooh my. how long did it take you?

  7. mmm I dunno how it works on wordpress, i feel blogspot is easier and better!

  8. Chika and Blue: Naaah I won’t look for anything u guys will do it lol

    ammaro: wayid!

    Amu: I hate blogspot I couldn’t even figure out how to write a post

  9. I have the same problem too :[[[[

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