Cooking? nOp

November 26, 2007

It was 3:30 am I was feeling hungry even though I had dinner today. But I’m sleepy, and I don’t feel like engaging in another war with the kitchen, so I made an untasty lite meal that required no cooking.


1-minute soup from Knorr (it tasted like crap)
2 pieces of bread with a LOT of butter (yumm)
leftover sandwich from dinner
Laban- to boost up my calcium levels

And topped it off with 2 pieces of this:


DELICIOUS chocolate with marshmallows, caramel, and nuts.

Time to brush… Did you know that the minimum time you should spend brushing your teeth is 2 minutes twice a day?



  1. eeee i just found that out too … i got this cool new machine as a gift .. oral b toothbrush machine thing .. and it times me … when i reach 2 mins … it smiles (shows a happy face) and i know i’m done..

  2. I thought 5 minutes! im going to start timing my teethbrushing session with music.

    Aaah ay chocolate hathaaa?!

  3. ohhhh!!! I want soma that chocolate thingy 😀 ok!? besides, you need butter woman & FYI, I fixed the facebook thingy

  4. yum yum choco..I need it 😀

  5. Girl i’d kill for that chocolate though i never eat at night.

    3wafy 🙂

  6. LOL what kind of sandwich is this?!

    and u need to get a tiny bit fatter :p a7la 3alaich khdood.. u already have a cute smile, oo ma3a khdood u would et7a6meen :p

  7. meemo: I tried those electric toothbrushes but I didn’t like them

    Blue: oolaa 5!! My cousin sent this chocolate over, I forgot where its from but its REALLY good

    Chika: It doesnt work yet!

    Speedo: are you still in the US? Their chocolate sucks hehe

    Ms Loala: I love eating at night!

    Swair: It’s turkey and cheese but nobody ate it i guess it didn’t look that good hahaha

  8. Marshmallow? *barf*

    Looks good for “sad yo3” .. bil3afya.

  9. You took the picture at 3:30am!?

  10. *quickly bites the chocolate along with Enigma’s fingers* :[

  11. Macaholic: lol sij sad yo3! And who hates marshmallows?!?!

    Hasan: Yeah around that time

    3baid: LOL!

  12. LoL enigma food somehow tastes soo comforting and better at night! bil3afiya!

  13. RANDOM: Abbi il machine eli tabshir il thalj. looool

  14. nice nails 😛

  15. I know it sucks 😛 are u making me jealous 🙂 I am still here traveling in few hours to London then Kuwait

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