*Pass out*

November 29, 2007

£ 361.91









  1. *pass out* ! LOL! The 2nd one is HOT!!!

  2. oh YUM YUM YUUUM!!!!

  3. ooooooh such beautiful creatures!!

    and my sister has the exact same as the third

    *weeps* they’re so beautiful…

  4. black shoes, white heels. abi, NOW!

  5. Swair I am DYING for black+white shoes!

  6. i have the second one 😀 u can borrow if ur a 41 😛

  7. chillllls !!!

    u have good taste walla

  8. oh my god!!! la today is the torture princess with shoes day!! evilllllllll *throws fiery stones at enigma*

  9. They all look very hot.

  10. Ohhhh heels!!!

  11. 3rd pair are they the Miu Miu?! I was in love with them but not the bootie ones but the actual shoe, they had it in red, beige and pink with and without the stones. They didn’t have my size here or in rome, i wanted to cry both times.

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