December 1, 2007


That’s what my skin feels like these days. I’m drinking water, and use a moisturizer for very dry skin (from the pharmacy) but no use!! I hate winter! efff

Note to self: Double water intake, and buy a new moisturizer.



  1. less sleep too πŸ˜›

  2. Salamat, get a bubble bath!

  3. I love winter I love snow πŸ™‚

    but for you I suggest sleep and let the winter pass πŸ˜›

  4. yeah winter, that is the problem, also chapped lips grrr!

  5. hmmm yeah ana bil winter my lips get so dryyyyyy 😦

  6. *ta7thif 3alaich nivea il qadeem il azrag mal senaat il 6uwa3een eli laman it7e6eenah ma yero7 7eta lw ib 9abon* lol

  7. Why do i see brownies?

  8. It has nothing to do with water.
    Oprah and Dr. Oz did a test and it came out that we; humans, already have enough amounts of water (by food even that is) and therefore, don’t need to increase the amounts of liquids by drinking extra glasses.

    It’s winter sweety, just try to warm up your hands.

  9. Try BIODERMA. It’s face and body cream and it’s really moisturizing. I tried so many, but so far it’s the best. U can find it at the marina pharmacy near THE ONE.


  11. thank you, at last someone agrees with me !!! i started having those symptoms since 2 weeks ago !

  12. My hands are dying too because of all that work with mud..but I can’t say anything ’cause I’m a guy.

  13. @@

    use johnson’s body lotion (24hrs moisture) kil youm kil youm (louna kellah baby-pink)

    ooo when u take your shower, akow mal il-baby johnson’s baby moisturising bath (loun il-cover baby-blue aw baby-green)

  14. oops! 7a6et enter bidoon ma akammil πŸ˜›

    eey 1st take your shower ma3ah illy getlch 3annah, then il lotion, 3ogob gabil la etnameen vaseline o lebsay edlaq πŸ˜› o ed3eeeleee =o]

  15. hehe Outkasty I’m definitely gonna try that!

  16. I hate cold weather .. it tend to dry every one skin !

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