Cut Or Not?

December 9, 2007


Ok I’m cutting! I’m thinking of hacking off at least 2 or 3 inches. Question is where? Last time I cut it in La Mode in Yarmouk, before that in Yours. I don’t like it, they’re totally uncreative. I don’t want something that just looks “good”. Suggestions?

Image from Jupiterimages


  1. no suggestions, i loved hal picture ma adre laih and umm CUT!

  2. NOOOOOOOOO! qethleeeeeeh bas!

  3. CUT!
    -Oriental (sharq)

  4. I like Nina in Carita.. I cut once a year in Kuwait because I live abroad so I don’t know much lol.. Yes also I hear Crystal is good but never tried it..

  5. I cut my hair once at Mrina Hotel saloon

  6. 7alaq elyarmouk ele yam el9alon’s pretty good too.

    Ask for Moneer.

  7. I remember Crystal was good waaaay back in the day. Mu chinna ra7at 3alaih al7een?

    suspic- khair 😛

  8. i agree with shayouma ! nina’s excellent, and nabila’s good too, she cut my hair last time and did a great job

  9. Don’t cut your hair.. Jad wallah.. I think it’s beautiful

  10. *mashallah* >___<

  11. Where is Carita?

  12. chop it!

  13. cutting edge!

    they are all tony n guy trained oo amazing
    all of em

    bs i personally like sam or audry

    i would recommend the actual tony and guy bs never been there

    roo7ay cutting edge u wont be sorry

  14. i hate yours , i like la mode yarmouk , 7anaan shes amazing , and they say cutting edge r good but theire way expensive

  15. nina in Carita

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