December 12, 2007

https://i0.wp.com/www.ukearthingservices.co.uk/assets/images/singlebolt.gifI like touching the metal part of an electric plug just as I’m pulling it out of the wall socket.



  1. How is that a “quirk”?! lol kha6ar ya bnaya!

  2. lol that must be fun :p should try it out someday Oo

  3. Hmm, no wonder your hair looked like that last time! LOOOOOOOL :p am thokin :*

  4. O_o you don’t look scary… who are you lol!

  5. Swair: naah ;p

    Nomad: lol! try it, but just a split second after u pull it out or its too late 😛

    Chika: HAHAHA that was probably from the humidity!

    vixen: meeeeeee… (i kill u)

  6. LooooooooL !! wat kind of pleasures dose that give u ?! 🙂

  7. huh?? lol

  8. Um.. you’re not supposed to feel a spark at all, unless the appliance stores some form of magnetic energy (like a hairdryer maybe) or if the device has a metallic exterior and its live cable is shorted with earth (the part of the plug with the longest node of the three) -in which case it could be extremely dangerous if you accidentally discharge it through your own body!

  9. you’e right it usually happens with the hairdryer, but its a very small charge

  10. Sorry bas weird 😛

  11. ok must try soon…

    not at work tho hehehe

  12. That small charge does give a nice rush doesn’t it?

  13. u got a death wish?

  14. That scares the crap out of me :\

    How do you do it ….!

  15. *is scared*

  16. Chirp: hehe i know

    princess: i am not responsible for any electrocutions that may occur! ;p

    Kaos: YES

    eshda3wa: laaaaa

    Ms Loala: Madri it happened once by accident and I liked it hehehe

    vixen: ……………………….. BOO!

  17. well from what i can read; your suicidal. in a good way. how so? well your a loser and you know it. i suggest you do something about it. maybe stand in a pool of water when your touching the electric plug connected to the wall socket.

  18. Dude, you should comments more often, you’re hilarious in a sad way. Where’s your blog?

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