To Nibaq

December 17, 2007

Yes, we complain and complain and rant and rant- “How long to get on Safat?”, “I sent the Add request 30 times”, “SAFAT IS DOWWNHH dammIT”!

But really, we are grateful for the work and effort you put into providing us with a blogging community.


Everybody, show some love & gratitude (here or on your own blogs)!



  1. Well, I think he is working on it & it will be even better *Waves to Nibaq* 😀 bas Yeah man, what’s taking long time! YALLA!

  2. Well thanks for adding my first blog but when are you adding the new one 😦

  3. Wooohhhhooo yeah finally i see some changes!
    Its taking places BABY!

  4. ana b3ad weyahum

  5. I’ve been waiting for my blog to be added for almost 2 months now… 😦 and now I see that safat is up again but still no sign of my blog on that list……

    I added my blog twice and sent him an email once.. I really don’t feel like annoying the guy any more lol maybe he’s busy and will get to it soon 😀

  6. It took me quite some time to have my blog listed, but it was worth it 😉

    Thank you ..

  7. We should be all synced up and added everyone by the end of week. It has been a tough couple months for Safat and our staff.

    Yes, we really do suck when it comes down to adding, but there are some good reasons. One is that its our ‘mini test”. You won’t believe how many people write a couple posts and then simply stop posting. This takes up our time, and causes an extra load on Safat. So we wait a month and check if the person has written more posts besides the “I got a blog!!”. The other is we are really busy and do this all during our spare time.

    Safat has been upgraded under the hood a lot. The only changes you will see is the theme. Even that I wanted to completely redo, but after the hosting blocked us again. I had to rush the update and stick to the old theme. Oh and the page should load faster too! Still need to tweak some stuff but it looks normal for now.

    One factor is we will start removing blog posts older than 14 days. We noticed that no one really needs it and with Search.Kuwaitblogs.com there is no need for a huge archive. This will keep Safat small and quick.

    There will also be a new “Add Blogs” form that is more integrated and better options for people who moved their blog or facing problems. It has been a problem when people move their blog and only have that form to use. Yet I think I will save this for the new updated theme.

    Oh I also added everyone who commented here that their blog has not been added (Yousef, Shosho and Engima, Cateyes).

    Eid Mubarak

  8. Interesting ya NibaQ
    ana theres no one i’d like to thank now 😛
    ill keep it for later hooh

  9. Thanks for Kuwaitblogs Dear Nibaq !

  10. Hi NibaQ THANKS ALOT! It was very nice of you wallah.. and Eid mubarak, that was a nice 3idiyyah lol!

  11. Merci awiii 3ala kuwaitblogs, i’m lost when its not working 😛

  12. Nibaq..i missss uuuuuuuuuuu….:)

  13. I didn’t see this entry – I missed it somehow – but BRAVA, Enigma! BRAVA! As frustrating as it can sometimes be trying to access Safat – it is because there is such a heavy demand. And these guys are doing all this voluntarily, I believe. Like I am not paying anything; I can’t imagine how they would make any money? I think it is a labor of love, and all we do is beat them up!

    Good on ya for thanking them, and encouraging all the rest of us to do so. They work so hard, many times we never see what they have done.

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