Eid Greetings

December 18, 2007

For those who are celebrating Eid,

Happy Eid


For those who will be in Hajj,

Taqabal Allah 6a3atkum


For all the sheep in the world,

Sucks to be you!




  1. LOL! Happy merry jolly eid to you too! romance yourself during which :p hehee!

  2. Happy Eid sweetie!!! Hope ya have a good one! 🙂 Missed ya :*

  3. NoNooooooooooooo :************** missed u too!

  4. CHIKAA oh noooooooo you didnt!!!! LOL!!

    Sure, and I’ll be thinking of you 😛

  5. Happy eid to you too :** Hope you have good one!!

  6. lol Ayamech sa3eda 😀

  7. 3eedch embarek 🙂 Hope you have a great day full of happiness!

  8. Happy Eid ! Aww poor sheep ! * yum * !

  9. Happy Eid Enigma..

  10. y do u guys change ur blogs soo often?

  11. Happy Eid
    now where did that damn sheep go!

  12. 3eedich embarak w kil 3am w entay ib 5air Enigma ❤

  13. LOL yeah it does suck to be them…

  14. LOL 7araam the kharoof!

  15. 3eedech mbarak 😉

  16. 3eedich mbarak.

  17. ayyamich sa3eeda 🙂

  18. Ayaaaaamich sa3eeda 🙂

  19. Don’t sheeps have their eid too?

  20. tuff luck to all sheep’s happy eid for us.

  21. 3idkom mabroukk

  22. I didn’t get it at first. I though you were saying all us religious types were sheep. . . 😦 . . . then I got it! 🙂 Truly, sucks to be a real-honest-to-God sheep at Eid.

  23. Thank God! I would never offend anyone 😀

  24. nice post to read…. See some Eid Mubarak Greetings here…

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