You know you’re REALLY unfit when..

December 21, 2007


you’re exhausted after only the warm-up part of an aerobics video..



  1. OR when you can’t do the Madonna thing 😛

  2. loool! Well, push yourself to do the whole video. First time will be nearly impossible, but keep on doing it 4 times a week, it’ll get easier each time Gluck! 😉

  3. Fiber and protien!
    alot of fiber

  4. What if the video was like for advanced people? People still do aerobics videos, that feels so 90’s to me. I love the 90’s though.

  5. Chik: yeah ;p

    dishevelled: i hope so!

    Blue: i get plenty of fibre

    brokesaudi: yeah shakhbaree hehe

  6. weeh allah e3eeenich 3al video itself ! 😛

  7. lol
    3ndina oo 3ndich khaiiiir

  8. one step at a time

  9. lol gluck :p

  10. It’s always like that!

    I guess we’re on the same team 🙂

  11. totally unexpected.. you need to move around more, get up.. really.. :p

  12. I can be your personal trainer for 500KD/minute. 😛

    j/k …

    Just keep it up, day by day you’ll gain stamina.

  13. can u turn me into carmen electra? ;P

  14. I’m more scared of being lazy than being unfit now :/

  15. I said I can be your personal trainer not your plastic surgeon! ;P

  16. I meant her body!

  17. Actually, for 500KD u better figure out how to be a plastic surgeon too lol

  18. Totally true lool

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