December 26, 2007



.. I want to sleep until this *$#@ed up year is over.



  1. whhhhhhhhhhhy!

  2. uhh me too! i want that too!! im going to be in mental shut down till the 10th of january then back again later *hug*

  3. mako dwam ???

  4. WAKE UP!

  5. cheer up!!

  6. Hey no we need you lol!!!

  7. That makes the two of us!

  8. COME BACK! *tear*

  9. You probably need one of these pills. 😛

  10. Amen to that!

  11. less than a week left :>

  12. yala mo bagi shay 😛 plus sleeps good ne ways

  13. sweet dreamz

  14. Wake up! Wake up! There is a world of adventure just waiting for you, Enigma!

  15. sounds like a good plan ;p

  16. Looool glad to see you’re working on your lack of sleep 😉

  17. *is still sleeping since eid* 😛

  18. Stay warm 🙂

  19. sleeping is glorious. Enjoy it

  20. 07 or 08?

  21. 07!

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