The Perfect Product

January 3, 2008

phpu4z80qpm.jpgI don’t know about men, but us women are in a constant search for “the perfect product”, whether it’s the perfect eye cream, moisturizer, deodrant, and so on. I still haven’t found every one, but I’m still looking! I wish there was just ONE line that contains all the perfect products.

Ladies, share your perfect products! SHARING IS CARING!

I think I’m going to have more Perfect Product posts.



  1. OMG I am looking for the perfect shampoo. LOL!

    I found the perfect pair of work pants .. The Editor Pant from EXPRESS, they are AMAZING.

    Perfect body lotion .. from Rituals a store in Al-Kout, its made out of .. nesait bas it smells SOO good and leaves ur skin soft and smooth.

    Perfect red lipstick .. Russian Red from MAC
    Perfect Pink lipstick .. Rose Du Soir from Dior
    Perfect ki7il – Dior #90

    Amazing perfume – Eau Des Merveilles by Hermes

    Also I started using a link by Soskin for face wash, its doing wonders. The face gel+lotion have cucumbers in it. I got it from boots. Their moisturizer is good too.

  2. oooo nice! Thanks for the tips! Right now the shampoo I’m using is TreSemme, which is Ok, but their conditioner is really good. It’s sold in Sultan Center and Boots.

  3. @@ – @@

  4. lol ! I cant recall the last time i used Cream 21 or any other cream ….

    Lux is the secret of my fairness … hehe !

  5. Perfect Hair shampoo – Mal il saloon the huge one nesait
    The name ebee3oona in sultan center.

    Perfect Tooth paste- Arm and hammer
    Perfect mouth wash- Oasis, mouth wash and moisturizer. (Sultan)

    Perfect Deodorant- Perfume
    Perfect perfume/ cologne – Omnia and creed

    Perfect body wash- addidas for women with caffeine

    Face wash/ moisturizer- garnier

    Hmm what elsee… madrii

  6. Amu: @@ back

    Grey: LOL

    Blue Dress: The black shampoo? That’s TreSemme

  7. Mako perfect perfume, inas athwaq 😛 bas mine is definitely creed ;P

    Perfect shampoo – Try MARK HILL , sold at boots
    Perfect facial cream – L’OREAL ‘Happyderm’
    Toothpaste?- never used gheir CREST
    Perfect Hair serum or spray – Still looking .. Got one?

  8. Perfect tooth past: AM/PM u can find it at boots
    Perfect smile (Midan Dental
    Perfect shower set: Shampoo, shower gel, handlotion. body milk, perfume, moisturizor .. from Bath & Body Works .. they smell toooo nice.

  9. theres nothing perfect for everybdy, a lotion can be perfect on me but not on you , a mascara can be perfect on you and not perfect on me , just depends on skin and hair

  10. moisturiser: lancome multi-vital
    hand & nail cream: Almond oil cream the body shop
    sunblock: Obagi spf 35
    Mascara: Lancome Fatale
    Body Butter: Papaya body butter the body shop
    Tanning Oil: Nivea Sun Oil
    Red lipstick: Givenchy illicit Rasberry
    Pink lipstick: Mac Kind Of Sexy
    I hope this was helpful ;>

  11. LoL Enigma it’s something I always wonder about. I am not really a make-up person but I liove using creams and stuff and I don’t know WHERE is that perfect facial cream, or body lotion, or, I need something for dry knees!!

  12. Having good products from the same line is almost impossible! don’t know why though 😐
    I don’t try complicated stuff for complicated uses, but the ones i use are so far so good.

    I use Johnson as a moisturizer. I recently tried Rituals cherry hand moisturizer which is heaven on earth!

    For the body butter there’s nothing that beats Body Shops’.

    I also use body scrub by Sanctuary, i don’t wanna say it’s prefect but it does its job fairly good.

    Perfect Deodorant: Secret [best ones are sold in sultan center that come directly from the states].

    Perfect shampoo(s): I use 3 🙂
    1- Clear.
    2- Garnier fructis.
    3- Don’t know what’s it’s name but it’s a french product from the pharmacy. I use it along with its hair mask and to tell you the truth …. MY HAIR ISN’T FREAKING THE SAME ANYMORE! I’m in love with it because this is excatly what my hair needed. My hair was wavey and a little bit dry, but now, i can’t even tie it because of the smoothness it gave it! And when i blow dry it, oh girl that’s another story, it becomes straight right from it’s own and extra shiny and healthy …. I’m just greatful for this product.
    I’ll look for the name when i return home.

    Perfect serum: a thai one that i buy from the pharmacy that has a ginseng plant in it. Extremly perfect.

    Perfect toothpaste : Crest.

  13. Great tips!

    Fayoor: I use the normal gold hairspray, as for serum i don’t use any i use garnier hair cream.

    Cat: like powder said, its all a matter of taste. i, for ex dont like strong smelling creams

    powder: i know, otherwise there would be no search and we would all be using the same product

    Shosho: use a sugar scrub to exfoliate. bella luce scrubs are wonderful

    ms loala: ooooooh that shampoo and hair masks would be phyto, it’s AMAZING, once i finish experimenting i’ll probably go back to it

  14. best hair serum : john frieda frizz ease serum -sultan center

    best mousse/leave in conditioner :Aussie dual personality mousse + leave in conditioner – sultan center

    best whitening toothpaste : sensodyne whitening

    best instant self tan : benefit jiffy tan – faces or va va voom

  15. N7 face cream


  16. No matter what you buy, there will be something better 5 minutes later *she says cynically* In my family, we call it “hope-in-a-bottle;” aren’t we always looking for something that will be IT, make us perfect??? Thinner? Better skin? We are so vulnerable.

    Darphin skin creams 😉

  17. There are perfect products???? I never knew – LOOL!

    Lead the way!

  18. It’s Durcay 😛

  19. Sorry Ducray ….

  20. Perfecty lotion: Nivea il azrag mal senaat il 6uwa3een! ❤

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