January 4, 2008

open.jpgA lot of times I’m awake in the middle of the night (el fayir actually) and I’m so hungry, but I don’t know which restaurants deliver at that hour except the usual (YEKH) Hardees, KFC, Pizza Hut.

Any suggestions on what is open late or 24 hours?



  1. lool other than the one u mentioned ma a3ref .. Macdonalds open 24/7 (some branches) but they donthave delivery.

  2. we have the same problem back in dbai =|

    subway is open isnt it ? bes do they deliver 😛 ?

    oo isnt charley’s open im pretty sure i saw a 24/7 sign but again not sure if they deliver 😛

    not much help i knw 😛

  3. i forgot about subway! yes the deliver actually. Charleys no idea, i’ll try them today 😛

  4. I think Domino’s Pizza are open 24 hours but they don’t deliver everywhere and I don’t know if they deliver at such early times (+3am).
    Ever tried Americana club sandwitches? They’re available to co-ops. Buy a bunch and stash your fridge with them for such situations.

  5. 6alabaat!
    or does it…
    I think 99..

    or just pack up junk from sultan the day before..
    some twnikes and cereal boxes with full cream milk … you will be fine

  6. Muhahaha ! Finally … Enigma craves for Junk food ! What happend ?

  7. LOL that really cracked me up! I don’t know, I actually went stocked up on chips and other junk from Sultan

  8. khabra nayef delivers also ;p

  9. i’m hungry too!

  10. There’s a 24 hour category on Paper Dump that might help, but like you mentioned, they’re not that many restaurants that deliver.

  11. why not make urself a turky sandwich o 5ala9 , its light on the tummy

  12. powder:lol chenich tadren! I made one a couple of hours ago

    3baid: yeah, but it doesn’t have a lot of choices ;/

    um-mit3ibb: waay nayef is a heart attack waiting to happen- so GREASY!

  13. wai3 nayef iyeeb il marath! :p

  14. 3afiaa 😛

  15. subway ;p ?

  16. If being hungry wakes you in the middle of the night, and you eat, you are just training your tummy to expect food in the middle of the night. Have a nice drink of water and go back to sleep! Sweet dreams, Enigma!

  17. lol Whats wrong with Pizza Hut?;p

  18. Try their shish tawouk :]

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