TPP: cucumber cleansing wipes

January 9, 2008

wipes.jpgI normally don’t use wipes to remove makeup, but sometimes I’m too tired to remove my makeup so I developed a bad habit of sleeping in it. I bought the Cucumber Cleansing Wipes from Boots, and I totally love them. They can be used for the eye area as well as the rest of the face and neck- some brands cannot be used on the eyes so you should always check for that. If they don’t mention eyes, chances are you shouldn’t be using them on your eyes anyway. These ones removed all traces of makeup, and most importantly they did not leave a layer of oil on my face like the disgusting Nivea or Johnson’s ones which I have to wash my face immediately after using. And they don’t sting the face or eye area like the others (I have dry, sensitive skin)

Best thing is the price, KD 0.500 for 30 wipes. Compare that with Johnson’s Replenishing Facial Wipes which I bought from Sultan for KD 1.310 for 25 wipes.



  1. Hmmm, I got the eye makeup remover cucumber thingie men Boots; It’s ok not the best. I love Lancome bas mafi wipes

  2. The eye gel? I hate makeup removers. I’d rather use wipes then wash my face with a mild cleansing foam.

  3. OFF THATS WHAT I JUST NEEEEED , im going to try it and yes i hate johnson’s it stings the eyes while it shouldnt :S

  4. may w 9aboooooooooooooooooooooooon detol 🙂

  5. powder: ur gonna love these 3ayal

    Cat: ambaaih LAAAAAA2 it dries the skin so much!

  6. anything has cucumber is good by the way , ill give u names later , its 5:30 am now and i need to go to sleep 😛

  7. ee i use johnsons and i have to wash my face afterwards too ;/ Great thanks definitly going to try 🙂

  8. i have very sensitive skin :S ma esawee 7asaseya?

  9. yara: i’m never going back to johnsons

    Loya: kilish la2

  10. Lama ikhalsoon il 30 7abba, Try L’Oreal Cleansing Milk. for face AND eyes ;P
    bas no wipes, u have to use cotton. it’s really good.

    PS, for dry and sensitive Skin too

  11. I saw it but never bought it.
    Boots got some really good cosmetics, i didn’t complain about any product.

    I agree with the oil thing by Johnson though, i thought it was my skin only that becomes oily afterwards 😐

  12. cool! i use the johnson ones and they always leave my face oily and raped!

  13. Ms & La: try these, u’ll love them

    Fayooooor: Naah, I’ll stick to my wipes (lazy :P)

  14. ohhh I will get me one! I got my last wipes from Pout (VaVaVoom)… around 3KD or so. I know! LOL but I my total came to KD 27.250 and she told me if I reach KD 30.00 I will get a gift hehehehe so I snatched it without even thinking its not worth it… but really its not enough to remove el makeup.. You have to clean, cleanse, and use milk, lotion afterwards… take it from me 😉

  15. I use those alone when I’m toooooooooo lazy to clean (new years resolution is to never sleep with makeup). But on normal occasions I even clean my eyelashes with a Q-tip soaked in milk lotion to make sure there’s no mascara left!

  16. I always use them, and here when I bought one I got the other for free 🙂 Missed u girl!

  17. OMG! 3ad I had the same problem. With the johnson one. 7adah makes my face greasy, eli uff…..! :/

    I’m gonna buy those 3ayal! 😀 w they’re much cheaper. Malayt w ana a’3asil wayhi ib 9aboon detol w yedish ib e3yoni, must take care of myself.

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