Be careful of these websites

January 11, 2008

It seems like every other day a new Kuwaiti shopping website is popping out. I was browsing through fashionaddicts.net when I came across this:


They even had pictures of celebs carrying that handbag. But fashionaddicts.net forgot to mention that this is a knockoff of a Marc Jacobs handbag (shown below) that is sold at eluxury for $1,350. I’m sure the celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a $150 knockoff.

By the way, Fashion Addicts, it’s fraction not friction.

Please be careful when shopping from these kind of websites. Zahra from Kuwait-Style wrote a post on these sites a while back.



  1. .. … .. … ( I was here )

  2. Thank you!! I knew it all along o est’3rabt enna ma7ad ga3d egol shay ;/

  3. somehow i dont see myself getting a handbag in the near future πŸ˜›

  4. ooooops

  5. hahahaha a stam for 49 kd? even the marc by marc range isnt that cheap!!

  6. The problem is that I’ve been seeing the Stam quite a lot lately, but now when I see it I’m gonna go “hmmmmmmmmmmm…”

  7. Its all about bags!!!!

  8. Yeah, we love bags πŸ˜›

  9. The fact they wrote opne instead of open is major turn off.

    Hrd luck πŸ™‚

  10. ashkara its a replica!! 49 k.d MJ’s seriously!!

  11. El mshkela they’re not even mentioning its a marc jacobs. they just want you to think that it’s a bag celebrities carry. imagine yourself buying it, and then someone mentions to u that u are carrying a taqleed. fashla!

  12. And those sites are probably used for identity theft and to steal your credit card information 😐

  13. How annoying! I don’t know why people do that! I mean, if people want to buy something, they will regardless of the price. So, putting a taqleed isn’t going to make people think it’s the original. People aren’t dumb, you know, especially women πŸ˜›

    I never bought clothes or bags online. I mostly get books, dvd and stuff like that, sometimes toys..

  14. walla mahzala! What is this! RIPOFFSSSS I swear! They dont know that we surf the net and are well aware of whats out there! I swear its getting ridiculous! arghhhhh

  15. Seriously y3ni,
    who are they Kidding?..

    And it is not just the bags, it’s everything.. That authentic gorgeous Vita bracelet I bought from certified distributer “darUsha”, they say they sell “Vita Style!” too for lesser price, only when you look @ the picture u’ll find another brand’s name engraved inside!!

    Why can’t they just be HONEST abt it and state that they sell replicas?

  16. heheheh 3ad i really dont like the stam anyways, bas maleena!

  17. W ham ilwa7id ye5af, yeshtri shay thinking inah ohwa a9li, a5er shay ye6la3 taqleed :/

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