January 15, 2008

Unicef commercial against war.
Designed as a UNICEF advertisement, and with the approval of the family of the Smurfs’ late creator Peyo, the 25-second episode was shown on the national evening news after the 9pm timeslot to avoid children seeing it. The scene starts with happy peaceful Smurfs and butterflies, who are then bombed by warplanes, ending with a lone Baby Smurf surrounded by dead Smurfs. The final frame bears the message: “Don’t let war affect the lives of children.

WHAT? So it’s OK to terrorize the adults, but not the children? WE’RE the ones who grew up watching them!

I’m traumatized! :S :/ :O




  1. haw haw haw !!

    ethab7oon il sanafer !! ???

    ya3ne 4 yr olds are the cause of terrorism?

  2. What a silly idea . Show this to an evil president/terrorist and bombing people will seem a lot more ‘cute’ .

  3. Vid not avail ! *sigh*

  4. I don’t get the message :/

  5. That was disturbing :/

  6. whatever. didnt even bother watching the video. are you still hot?

  7. APPROVAL!? I bet Peyo is turning over in his grave `cause of hal ma95ara.

  8. um-mit3ibb: ya3ny make the world a better place for your children or something!

    greyshort: it is silly

    grey: but it is available

    3baid: Don’t destroy childhood or something? ;/

    Noufa: 7ada!

    offmyhead: wat?! who the hell are you

    Perfecty: i know!

  9. wtf!! ee its not okay!! they ruined the smurfs!! and crying babies freak me out!! especially when theyre blue and they have weird shaped heads!!

  10. That was 1 lucky child! How did he survive the bombs while those who were running and hiding didn’t? Maybe they were smart bombs programmed to kill by age 😛

  11. How dare they hurt the smurfs…

  12. Damn thats scary

  13. chill out. i was being sarcastic.

  14. oh ok. well yeah, i’m still hot.

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