Wataniya, Na3am?

January 16, 2008

images.jpgThere is this annoying service which Wataniya users have- you send an SMS and you request a reply. Three different people sent me messages requesting replies. Shtaboon? I’ll reply in my own good time! Shal 7anna el zayda!

And while I’m at it, has anyone noticed the new voice that talks when you call an MTC line that is on a call? As if the first one wasn’t annoying enough. They should let it ring with just the word “Waiting” like Wataniya. And why don’t they have the delivery report option? Idiots. Yes, I’ll keep referring to it as MTC until I see Zain on my phone.



  1. Exactly, that new voice is damn annoying. ya3ni tharaba “3afwan, al raqam allathi ttati9ul bih.. etc.” Chub zain! Oh, chub “Zain”!!!! Haha 😀

  2. hahaha!

  3. It is as equally annoying as a friend asking for a read receit in outlook after sending a joke or forwarded non-business email!

  4. hehehehe 6ayib 7abeebti latiz3ileen hehehe ee walla na3am??

  5. You mean when you see SHAIN on it (opposite of ZAIN LOL)

  6. Hopeless: I don’t use outlook!

    La Riene: ;*

    Ansam: Ma siwat 3alaihom il esem hahaha

  7. The delivery report option!! They are the only network that does not have that option!!

  8. tell me about it I just hate that waiting voice!!

  9. Yeah freakish voices :/

  10. whining and whining and whining……….. and then??? 😛

    baskom……… 😛

  11. ps

    my link on your page is wrong 😛

  12. Hasan B.:I know!! They suck!

    Amu & N: Everyone hates it!

    Spikey: We’ll whine and whine until MAYBE MTC does something about it! And the link, that explains why i wasn’t able to see your blog before!

  13. do they even knw about the delivery report =p ? china ya3ni dam 7agreena mo naween they ever bring it

  14. Ana ma gaam yehemni shay ib hal thentaain, I’m waiting for the 3rd mobile company eli ra7 itba6il, a7es enha bitkoon the BEST.

    Bas ilmoshkila arqamha tabdi ib cham? 00? LOL.

  15. Sowwy !! i no wapaniya ! i Zain ,

  16. 3al call waiting LOL, sa7 sa7 ohwa yeqith

    oo sheno il delivery report, ma3arfa??

  17. do0da: Shakelhum chethee! Shame an u, Zain.

    Perfecty: They will have area codes by that time.

    Grey: i Zain too, unfortunately!

    Outkasty: Hatha when you send an SMS, u get a notification either the msg was delivered, or “pending” (i.e. the mobile was shut, but once the mobile gets turned on u get “delivered”). The damn Wataniya users kila ye6e7on 3alay when I divert my phone to MissU while it’s on.

  18. Both of them nasf al shy .. w allah ya3en al shareka al 3rd…
    nice post and nice blog … keep it up 🙂

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