الحملة الوطنية الكويتية لإيقاف حجاب بو تفخة

January 17, 2008

n7186795434_2752.jpgLaih mita?! Seriously what is wrong with all these people? This subject was all over the blogs once, then facebook groups, forwards and even websites devoted to this subject. Cartoons are all over the place ridiculing the people who wear it. Don’t you think it went too far? For all of those preaching freedom of speech, what about freedom to wear what you want?!

– They say: She is met7ajba, she has to respect the 7jab she wore, etc.
– I’ll say: Didn’t it occur to you that she was forced to wear that 7jab when she was 7 years old? How can you respect something you do not agree with?

– They say: 7ARAM she wears something that reveal her body!
– I’ll say: What about the girls whose asses and camel toes are sticking out of the Juicy pants? That is also 7aram, whether she is met7ajba or not.

– They say: Freedom of Speech! I can say whatever I want!
– I’ll say: Of course. You have a right to hate it. You can express your hate. But I think you’re taking it a tad too far. Besides, she has the freedom to wear what she wants.

– They say: It is HAILIGY!
– I’ll say: No one appointed you as the Fashion Police. To each his own.

I am not defending the 7jab bou tafkha. I also wonder what they have inside it (which was funny at first). I don’t like the way it looks. I think it’s inappropriate for a met7ajba to wear leggings. I am entitled to my opinion, and I can express it whenever I want, but out of respect I’m not going to go around campaigning it, or calling them Halaga, or the like! I would not like people ridiculing me or calling me names (which is against Islamic btw). I wear whatever I want, and people should respect my choices, just like i respect theirs regardless of what I think of it.

Why don’t people mind their own businesses?

Picture from the facebook group the post is named after.


  1. So do you wear the Hijab or not?

  2. I don’t

  3. Your right everyone should mind their own business referring to the fact that each individual can dress accordingly. But, you shouldnt say “I also wonder what they have inside it (which was funny at first). I don’t like the way it looks. I think it’s inappropriate for a met7ajba to wear leggings.” Wheather these girls were forced into it or did it on there own will, you should respect it,after all it all comes down to Islam and respecting your religion. If they don’t put it on the right way then its between them and their god. And I do agree with that people should respect each individuals choices.

  4. What I am saying is that everyone is free to express their opinion, as long as is it within the boundaries of respect. I can say I don’t like it, as long as I am not insulting others.

    Thanks for your input

  5. I would say do what makes you feel good… but if you are wearing it with your own choice then respect it!!

  6. I don’t think this has all to do with the alien hijab but more with the fact that a growing number of people in Kuwait don’t really care for hijab anymore . Kuwait is becoming more liberal by each year and interesting enough – more guys are making it a prerequisite for their future brides to be ‘hijabless ‘ . I remember a guy who loved my mhajaba girlfriend but he said ‘i can’t marry you because of your hijab’ . Ironic isn’t it ?

  7. hmm i have an opinion on this matter but i agree with u freedom of speech and expression 3ala 3aini oo rasi but bidoon tajree7 at least in all honestly not 3alani kitha, ya3ni ana oo 9ideegati nimza7 oo ni6anaz 6ayib but publicly jidam il 3alam kitha mala da3y

    oo i dnt like it, and i dnt think its goo6i roab

  8. You mean, “freedom of expression”?

    “Why don’t people mind their own businesses?”

    The topic is much broader than this; Kuwaitis (being closely-nit and all…) are always curious about what everybody else is up to. So when a group of people try something new or change the way they do things without immediate explanation, they poke fun at them. What may start as an innocent tease from a coworker, ends up growing into an entire controversial/religious topic!

    And it’s not just appearances: lifestyle, relations, family, relatives, and so on, are all closely observed. If you think about it, it’s just like people are continuously suffering from cultural shock in their own country!

  9. Amu: true, but again it’s between her and God

    greyshorts: There are a lot of men who only want to marry a met7ajba..

    La Riene: If you see the facebook group you will see that it’s getting ridiculous..

    3baid: “people are continuously suffering from cultural shock in their own country!” : so true!

  10. one thing i really can’t tolerate is a non met7ajba making fun of a met7ajba even though i don’t agree to what girls do with 7jab these dayz but few things piss me off !
    it’s true they’re acting like hailag and they think it’s hot bs shensawey it’s not only one or two it’s a hell of a crowd sporting the same style !

  11. OK i am not going to comment on the blog but i fell on the floor laughing for this sentence

    “What about the girls whose asses and camel toes are sticking out of the Juicy pants”

    Muhahaha ! * faints *

  12. Zabo0o6a: Yeah, there is nothing we can do about them! ily iy3aybon lazem yeshofon nafes-hom awal ba3dain yetkalemon

    Grey: LoL!

  13. i think its a sin to wear something so ugly
    im not ridiculing them
    im saving them!!

    that being said, akeed kaifhum, they make the rest of us look better.

  14. interesting post! it’s a good thing that taste differs! 🙂

  15. We’ve seen a lot of uncalled for hijab styles in the last few years; gubba, gir6as, multi-layers, maid-style, bo-tanta, translucent, and even wigs worn as hijabs… Most of those fads disgust me though it’s up to them to wear whatever hijab they want.

    In my honest opinion either they wear an appropriate hijab or don’t wear it at all.

  16. people are just so goddamn bored, they don’t have anything to do so they create these groups or whatever to talk about some silly topic like that!
    It’s just a freaking hijab, big deal! they’ll wear it whichever they like. those people need to mind their own business, like you said. and just SHUT IT

    it’s like the spiky hair or the law waist jeans all over, they just want something to talk about!

    greyshorts is right, and a lot of people see a non-mo7ajba “cooler” than a girl with a 7ijab. 7ijab is now-to a lot of people- another fading tradition!

  17. sa7 elsaanich!

    My thoughts EXaCTLY!!

    when i recved an invite on Facebo0k to join, I thought this group IS the HALAGA!

    U stated ur point, we agree, BSS 3AD..
    LET IT GO!

  18. It7esen ya3ni, “Mo bas eli mo met7ajbat yesawon puff”, she’s like, “7eta ana 3endi puff.”

    Il moshkila ana esta7malt gou6i il roub, bas al7een eli il taf5a il 3ajeeba eli umbaih 7a6a ma6arat bet-hom ib ras-ha. Hathi ana mo gadra afham lesh! :S

  19. i hated it when it started in kuwait =/ kina in3ayib 3ala ilemaratiyeen cuz it was here way b4 it came to kuwait but it was more of an inside joke between me and a few friends

    Im not surprised the hate got this big, it really is that bad =P that said i dont see them minding ppl making fun of them much they still wear it not sure if they do really mind not really a big fan of public hate campaigns but u are right it is getting old and ppl should drop it already

  20. I completely agree with you. I am against 7jab bo taf5a, but For freedom of expression. I may think that what a girl is wearing is ugly, inaproppriate or hailigy…bs il bint kaifha. Its her hair, 7jab, body, face, outfit that shes parading infront of everyone not mine.

  21. 7aram mestekhefeen tholey!
    + why do i have to scroll left oo right to read the post :S the layout fee shay qala6

  22. Okay, well personally I hate the 7jab.
    and I will never accept the fact enna some wear it ..
    Ohma ynazloun men qemat 7jabi ana when they wear it.
    9ej m9ekhat esalfa.
    Kha9atan the group you mentioned, has pic of a metnaqbah riding a jetski. Labsa gloves oo fully covered o 7alat-ha 7alah mashallah..
    This is one guys comment on this pic :

    at 6:21pm on January 11th, 2008
    lo0o0o0ol ..ee wallah 9a7 ….bs hathee mal naba6a o min b3eeed tsooqha 3ala qomatha t5alleeha tfarfer :))

    another guy said :
    at 2:35pm on January 10th, 2008
    la2 9ij etnarfezZzny ha ashkalllll :-/

    Ay ashkal are we talking about?
    9ej ohma kaifhom..rayhom wana mali sheghel..
    but 7aram.
    7a6een her pic , o yetshametoon,
    w Elbent FULLY covered, tabi terkab jetskis ohma shako ?
    Law labsa mayooh, aw leggings or wtv, okay y7egla yetshamat.
    but moo chethi.
    Its like ga3deen yetshametoon bas because they like the sound of their own voices. bas yabi yet7acha, mo mohem 3an shino.


  23. eshda3waL lol!

    bbq8: and thank god the do 🙂

    MacaholiQ8: haha bo-tanta? shino hatha! i agree with u, but see point 1

    Noufa: PPl here are so bored they even make fun at themselves!

    Lala: ee masekhooha

    Perfecty: i guess we’ll never understand

    do0da: some people never get bored

    G and L: exactly, kaifhum

    Loya: hmm madri, i don’t have this problem, i’ll try to figure it out

    Badrah: what the hell!! ya3ny metnaqba means she can’t have a bit of fun?!

  24. hmmmm we shall talk about this face to face honey 😀

  25. haha yumma I just talked 2 u!

  26. think watching coneheads started this!!!!

    how about talking bout the people making out on the rocks next to marina waves for a change.

  27. loool @ powder and you.
    ana i have nothing to say about them
    bas the very big ones make me just sit and laugh

  28. TAT: lol

    fayoor: hehee yeah i know ;p

  29. I personally don’t like the fad, I don’t care enough to make it my life’s calling but I do think the campaign should be to spread awareness about the 7jab and its responsiblities whether the girl was forced to wear it, or did it by choice.

    Example; you can’t wear a 7jab and go out and show everyone your camel toe in tight jeans a non-m7jba wouldn’t even consider, forgetting the 7jab is an Islamic thing and showing everyone the outlined thong she’s wearing.

    Or how the m7jbas are compensating for the head cover by revealing more body action. There’s a huge contradiction and misunderstanding of the 7jab in the thing. It’s not freedom if it’s opposing a religion you claim to embrace.

    I bet if you argue with the founders of the campaign they’d use the known 7deeth “من رأى منكم منكرا..”, but what they don’t know is that there are specific methods to deliver the message probably. Insult, isn’t like advice. etc.


  30. it all depends on esloob el 6ar7.. they are not using the known 7adith! theyre just insulting and making fun.

  31. Why don’t people mind their own business?


    It’s not Kuwait – I think human beings are wired that way!

  32. I was interested to see that sticker plastered on a traffic sign some time ago on Damascus street. When I returned to take a picture it has already been removed.

    The puffed hijab is sometimes exaggerated to comical dimensions and I wonder at one’s sense of appropriateness.

    A little puff may be stylish, but those Marje Simpson or Alien “long” heads is not visually attractive at all.

    Kuwaiti women have always been at the forefront of style and stylish attire even when wearing the hijab and throughout the years there have been MANY hijab styles that I can remember.

  33. Hey hon 🙂

    Love how brutally honest you are. You go girl! 🙂

    I completely agree… These should just save their two cents for Oprah!

    When will those wayward ill-breeding gudgeons ever stop?!

  34. These morons* sorry

  35. I joined the group bel facebook .. mo no3ii a3ayeb 3ala elkel bs fii nas eyeeboon el 7achii 7ag roo7hom ;p oo hal nas menhom ..
    i’m not shreera or something bs y3nii ga3deen y7e6oon roo7hom eb mwa8ef baykha oo malha da3ii oo ga3deen yshawhoon 9oorat el 7jaab fa gal3at-hom oo zain ysawoon feehom ;p

  36. Hi,

    I was in Kuwait this weekend and frankly this Bu Tafkha looks terrible and just makes me want to laugh… I mean if you’re going to wear a hijab, wearing excessive and ‘hailigiyya’ make up as well as tight jeans is makig a mockery of hijab. These girls need to get a life!

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