You know you’re old..

January 19, 2008

boygirl.jpg When the neighbours little boy and girl see you and run to kiss you (to yesalmoon).

Or maybe they’re just really polite kids..




  1. Aww 😛

  2. I can still remem the first time when a kid called me Uncle ! that sucked 😦

  3. I’d say they are just polite ^^

  4. Zain ma basaw rasech, THEN you’d be considered old..

  5. *hugs Enigma*

    It’s okay Enigma, it’s okay….

  6. I 2nd Swair :P:P LOLLL
    Atkhayyal hehehe

  7. All I get from them is looks of despise. Not despise, but dislike..

    I’m a guy but I guess I “atnasa” in some candy so I go out late at night out of boredom and grab myself some food, does that give them the right to assume I’m a bad apple? 😦

  8. laa polite faqara

    yazly ur new template ! mamlooooo7

  9. definitely old 😛

    na7ees mo ? :p

  10. the inevitable

  11. 3baid: ee 😛

    Grey: funny!!

    TAT: yeah, they are very well-behaved

    Swair: HAHAHA la i need wrinkles for that!

    perfecty: *hugs back*

    fayoor: waaay!

    suspic: you’ll get there lol

    um-mit3ibb: me’3ci!

    do0da: yal na7ees!!!

    eshda3wa: it is..

  12. Maybe they just like how your cheeks taste 😛

  13. lol..thats cute 🙂 you are not old..they are too young for you ..!

  14. lol, they’re just polite, don’t be paranoid. 😛

  15. 7ad’hom tharaba, ma777ad old 😛

  16. u know ur old when ur out with someone and a song comes on the radio and ur all jazzed abt it cuz u used to listen to it all the time, and then the friend next to u goes ohhhhhhh that was before me, i was about 9 – 10 when it came out @@ karaht 3omryyyyyyyyy

  17. Hopeless Poet: Maybe 😛

    Amu: Well they’re about 5 or 6 so technically, I AM old enough to be their mother!!!!!!

    MacaholiQ8: hehehe they are

    Outkasty: yeah yeah 😛

    La Reine: Or even worse, when they don’t recognize the song!

  18. They like you, that’s all 🙂

  19. Kids already started calling me “Ray Uncle” along long time ago…

    im growing old 😦

  20. OMG!!!! I know how it feels!!!!

    I feel old…..strange, but true 😦

  21. I’ve been there too, it made us feel so old, i wonder how it feels to be called granny someday!!!!!!!????????????

  22. LOL abeeeee

  23. I knew i was old when a child once said “yomah, feh mara tabeech 3al telephone” when i was calling his mother.
    I guess mine is worse 😐

  24. lol 3ady it happens 😀

  25. They like u, that’s all. Kids r so cute when they do that.

  26. u know u’re getting old when u start giving out money in eid

  27. i should go kiss my neighbors *wonders if they’re hot*

  28. LooooL that is true.. bas inevitable!

  29. or when they call you “5altoh”

  30. 3ayal ana shayib 7addy if it comes to that !!

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