The ______ that is Zain

January 28, 2008

I can’t choose a good word to put in the blank (and there are MANY), so I will allow the readers to choose for me.

-If your phone gets disconnected and you are in the middle of nowehere, then you are doomed. Because you can’t even call CUSTOMER CARE and pay your bill using a credit card.

-Ok. You’re in the middle of nowhere and you have a computer with internet access, YAY! BUT you can’t get on the website and pay, because it DOES NOT LET YOU LOG IN. I get an invalid username and password 80% of the time. And when I call them they say “ta7deeth”. Kil hatha ta7deeth? Kil youm oo tark ta7deeth? Lama 7adathtaw your loser logo and company name, laish ma 7adathtaw the website before launching it??

-Ok ok. Mabi Customer Care. Mabi Adesh bil account. I’ll just use the Quick Pay option, cuz as its name suggests, it’s quick. Right? Right? NO. WRONG. Because my phone number is INVALID. What?! And even if it works, most likely the transaction will get cancelle, and you have to run after them to get your money back.

-Maykhalif. I’ll just stop whatever it is I’m doing, and find an MTC Zain Shain branch and pay. But it’s 3 pm and branches are all closed except the airport one ily ib akhir il dinya. Or find a jam3eya and use the paying machine. Which means stop at a bank, withdraw cash, and then go to the jam3eya and pay.

Mo lazim. Mabi telfon!



  1. :$ take it easy! I know they need to update their services big time and maybe someone will read this post :*

  2. akher wa7da, ezyada 3alaiha – and you go there, wa-faj’a you find their machine does not work =/

  3. umm..how come this never happened to me :s…..

    i use quick pay all the time for me and my fiance and it works all da time

    am always loggod on too :s


  4. Spikey, Quick pay screwed me over more than once. The login problem and invalid number is recent, only since the new website, and it’s happening A LOT.

  5. Oh the invalid number thing! 3bale bes ana! And dnt bother going to the machine, cuz they are not working o no way go to ma6ar lana eb tan6er ya7mar lai eyek il rabe3! Nice green font btw!

  6. The BITCH that is zain ? because she never does anything for free ?

  7. MooZain sucks big time ! Remember the time i had to Visit the Maternity Hospital ? Every time i entered the Al Sabah hospiatl my mobile is out of range and i had to come running to the open space to use the mobile … It was not me alone and i have SE810i ..which i believe is a good mobile .

    Punch line : Zain is MooZain .

  8. I hate it that you can’t call customer care when it’s disconnected…I just can not get it why can’t they let you call them to pay the stupid bill

  9. lol @ greyshorts…..I second her….

    Shame Zain

  10. Switch to Wataniya or wait for the 3rd company.

  11. I pay in advance every month online..

    I literally give them more money than what they’re asking me, just to keep them off my back!

    Can’t risk being disconnected :-/

  12. Hasan B.: So mo bas ana! Spikey, sEE?

    greyshorts: lol!

    Grey: 7ada mo Zain!

    shopa: I know it’s so stupid!

    Amu: *nod*

    MacaholiQ8: Wataniya have their own share of trouble. Let’s see what the third brings!

    Lala*: I usually pay on time, but the past two months I get the invalid number quite a lot, so I forget to try again later.

  13. Oh I hate those guys! They kept cutting me off each time I come to Kuwait.. I am guessing someone wants my number, well guess what? I am NOT giving it up lol.. But I have a wataniya line, it’s better!

  14. waih waih waih waih


  15. I personally prefer wataniya for phone lines.

  16. i just got the zibda. and il ziba is ina your fucking cheap. grow some balls or die

    -I don’t usually delete comments, but I deleted your previous one cuz it’s rude. So you better fucking te7terem nafsik on my blog or just don’t comment you fucking piece of shit. And yeah, I can cuss at you in my blog KAIFY.

  17. i’m sure they’re working on it, they cant do this to thier image

  18. I use Wataniya. I never had a problem with it. Bs I was out with my sister ams w she got the invalid number thingy. Switch to Wataniya? :/

  19. allah y3afee el pre paid cards!

  20. I second you.
    Quick Pay, is the slowest process ever, and its always effed up..
    Its their website, it has alot of gliches.
    I got a msg the other day saying I had recieved an MMS, from this number, O i wanted to see what it was , but I had to check online..because madri emkharif their thing, oo 4 some reason it thought i didnt have mms.. anyways..
    I check online with the password & login thing they sent me, and well..its wrong, I call customer service, they assign me a new password, and violla it works, but inbox empty.. Elmushkela the MMS i got … was an important one, from a number i knew, but couldnt reply to …because of well..personal reasons.
    Now it itches me everyday, what was in that MMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think you were having a bad day! Though it happened to me once 😐

  22. honey believe me, if it was just one day I would not be posting about it

  23. and i thought we had it bad here ,, some1 should consider switching soon =P

  24. They cut off my services while I was camping near Nuwaiseeb and Khairan, and I couldn’t call 107 for some odd reason.

    That was very stupid and non-caring of them. I’m still a customer, they shouldn’t do that just because I’m late on bills. A guy really needs means of communication in the middle of the desert..

  25. I always pay using online banking with NBK or KFH

    its much easier

  26. the zeft zain

  27. so… What’s the problem?

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