Dowar il Bidi3 No More

January 31, 2008

Yes! Finally! I hated that roundabout!!!!!!!!! It made my day!


Now if only they would add a traffic light and close the stupid u-turn opposite Bahrain Street..



  1. Congrats lol!

  2. you did it huh! mabrouk! now you can go faster than ever :p

  3. Post pictures! Nabe neshouf!

  4. There’s no stopping now!! You just go straight to Blajat, or back.

  5. LOL! il-yooum bs ekteshaft enna mu mawjod! madri etha min-zeman shalooh aw tawwa, bsss sej wayed arya7!

  6. You didn’t notice?? They did close the roundabout! and it looks like they’re going to be adding a traffic light infront of share3 el me6a3em!

  7. eee wanasa the new fake street 😀 baas laa manaby esharaat…. baas a one way street!
    on a different note: im eating breakfast oo reading ur blog 😉 kashkha ;p

  8. LOL!! 7adda .. now yabeela isikoon Duwar sheraton ba3ad !!

  9. Ee ana b3ad in9edamt. Daysa wela mako turn, w kint ga6a esharaaa w kamalt seeda wil eshara yesaar. It was hilarious.

  10. shoosha: yay akheran 9ar breakfast blog! lol. laa we need a traffic light 3ashan nakheth uturn wi7na raddeen min the bidi3 place!

  11. no 😦 i need dowar il bidi3 to get home…i have to take the looooong ass route now. i am not amused.

  12. Finally I hated thats shitty Round-idiot-about!!

  13. i kinda got lost when they removed the duwar :S

  14. I hate that now when I leave Bidi3 coffee shops I have to drive all the way to salmeya..we need a UTurn

  15. Yep, much better.

  16. Finally ! Sounds cooooooooooooooooooooooool !

  17. haaw laish bisikoona??!?!? ana a7eba !

  18. Actually i liked it when you’re coming from el bedi3,only! 🙂

  19. Its gone.
    *does a dance*

  20. *Joins the dance!*

  21. thats exactly what they are doing…traffic light which will make things worse at the bahrain street u turn…. i think bida roudabout will become a tunnel

    thats cool

  22. Zed, the uturn that is opposite shaikha complex is alreadu causing a lot of traffic, it should be controlled by a traffic light

  23. have u seen the traffic there now..Its worse than before…where are we getting these engineers from?

  24. Really?? Madri the other day it was just fine and it was a weekend ba3ad.

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