Papa Johns *YUMMM*

February 7, 2008

I called at 12:57, my pizza arrived at 1:17. Fastest Deliver ever!! I love Papa John’s!!! I don’t think I ever ordered from Pizza Hut once Papa’s started delivering to my area. We really need more pizza places.


Someone care to explain why the have the 2 peppers?



  1. What do u mean 2 peppers ? I thought they only have garlic and the red sauce .

  2. They put 2 pieces of pepper on the side of the pizza

  3. emm don’t know don’t remember

  4. i like pizza hut;p

  5. i used to love pizza hut kint literally kil youm i order from it, but now it sucks so bad!

  6. I still haven’t tried the Papa John’s we have in Kuwait but I ordered countless of times from the one we had in here. It’s a bit on the “meh” side to me but I have got to say it never looked as good as your picture. Better try the Kuwaiti version 🙂

  7. Kuwait’s fast food restaurants are always better than the ones outside.. ALWAYS.. Pizza hut, Papa Johns, Burger King, KFC, and McD’s SUCKS in the states..

  8. lanhum yum 🙂 can u explain why they have the nasty garlic sauce?

  9. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!

    shawagteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny !!

    3alaich bel 3afyaaaaaa !! Pizza hut 9ayreen kela eyeboon el pizzza barda !! w bel ad. yegolon feren met7arek !! madry weenah ferenhum lama eysawon dilivry 7agy !! laaa w kela eyebon le el 6lb ‘3ala6 !!!

    anqeher lama akooon 7ady yo3ana w na6ra w lama yo9al yaybele pizza with PINEAPPLE!

  10. PaPa Johns in our area only has the thin crust pizza in the largest size. Do you know anywhere in Kuwait where they have thin crusts and a wood burning oven?

  11. Angelo: yeah I saw wait till u get to kuwait!

    HD: I know!! There they don’t even wear gloves ew!

    Princess: It’s yum!!

    Cat: loooool that’s my order! margarita with pineapple : P their cheese is becoming like plastic

  12. I seriously SERIOUSLY hate you right nooooooooooow

  13. * Drools * Could you give us the number for PJ ? Pwease ! i’m hungry !

  14. looks yummy..I will order it tonight!! bil3afiya

  15. You were lucky probably because they didn’t have much deliveries that day. Papa Jones is so-so. Domino’s is the best Pizza place out there and they deliver quite fast too. *craves Tix-Mix*

  16. My stomach still hurts from pizza hut. I regret making that order everyday.. =(

  17. chika: whyyyyyyyy ;p

    Amu: yi3afeek !

    Mac: dominoes arrives cold and dry! Actually PJ is one of the quickest deliveries, but this one was the quikest.

    suspic: loool i always feel that way after kfc!

  18. OMG you’re breaking my heart

    Diet sucks 😐

  19. I am hungry and I do agree with you!!

  20. Way Shawagteeniiii! Shinu their number?;p

  21. Houliee: 827272

  22. i are hunger now.. how dare u hungrify me!!!!! 😦

  23. Papa johns is great!! but they really over do the garlic flavors

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