Say NO to Segregation

February 10, 2008

Venue: Kuwait Women’s Cultural & Social Society
Location: Khaldiya
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Time: 6-8 pm


Who’s in?



  1. I would come, but I have a meeting then. Actually, the meeting is later.. hmm, if I can get someone to come with me I’ll go.

  2. I’m out!
    They will never solve anything with this. Blekh. Kuwait!

  3. will definitely be there 🙂

  4. In.

    Against unnatural segregation.

  5. I am out!! they are all useless meetings..never productive..just talks!

  6. I wish I could go.. but I have a doctors appointment.. !! I would postpone the appointment.. bs i already did that two times.. :$

  7. […] * Speaking of Segregation… Who’s in? […]

  8. I’m in!

  9. I’m in!


    Forward to all

  10. *silent observer*

  11. what caught my attention to your blog is your comment in other blog about an easy grading for boys in KU as what a KU professor told u. SADLY this is not true. the position of college professor is beyond any instructions. no one even the rector of the university can make a professor change his or her style of teaching or grading.

  12. yeah as a future professor I am with segregation!

  13. madry 🙂

    But u would like to be in !

  14. Someone, I know this proffesor very well, why would she lie to me? She was asked by the head of department, if I remember correctly so of course it’s not an official thing. She refused, of course.

  15. I’m in by heart 🙂

  16. in definitly
    we have the right to CHOOSE

  17. FOOOGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Its useless .. no one can beat the islamics

    whatever they want .. will eventually go through

    i might go for 6emasha

    honestly .. I am against segregation for my self .. as it is more fun and gazz to study alongside girls .. but thinking about my daughter and sisters .. i rather have the universities segregated

  19. But im for!!! 😛

  20. To me, it’s really a matter of having the CHOICE.

  21. 😀

  22. it was beautiful

    il 7ithoor ehabel

    w the maram gurl

    e3yezat 3yony wihi itghoorig !

    and looolwa el gi6amy !!!! ya 7iloha bs

  23. many professors r desperate for attention so they say stupid things. u probably heard one of them say “when i was done with my phd they offered me a job there but i wanted to return to kuwait”. YEAH RIGHT! here the one has this position must have done two post doctorates for 4-5 years!

  24. too bad i’m nut in the country ..

  25. is your mother going to go ?

  26. i heard it was good….but me as an expat going ?

  27. whoever missed it can go on the 19th

  28. eshsaar?

  29. segregation megregation 😛

  30. No No No to segregation!

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