I’m not into sweets..

February 18, 2008

But I can’t stop eating 7ALWA! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Stright from the bowl, too.



  1. Oh especially when it’s hot!!

  2. My mouth is watery! I love it with arabic coffee:)

  3. and my pancakes (A)

  4. and i wonder why” a lit hey say “little on the lips , forever on the hips” …

    Chika… look what have you done now !

  5. I’m not that much into it..bas it looks yummy!

  6. tell me about it…….;p

  7. you cant get “sweeter” than that.. im not a sweets person at all the sweetest thing i would eat is strawberries- young coconut – and mango! i cant imagine that anyone would pick any kind of sweets over these 3.

  8. Oh yummmmmmm! Are you still SKINNY??

  9. AyaBaaaaaaaaaaa..bas lazim min shweater…or el7lwachy belkuwaiti…

    Ok yabeela al7een

  10. Ewww… I hate 7alwa!!!

    But Misk just loves it!

    I take the nuts off the top and eat them instead- 🙂

  11. Shosho: eee 9a7!!

    zainoba: ee that’s a great combination!

    powder: oh those yabeela soon !

    Grey: lol she started something!

    BigPearls: I didn’t like it before, now I do!

    Anoosa: yup!

    organic kuwait: I LOVE strawberries!

    intlxpatr: oh yes! lol forever skinny.

    KM: It is from Shwaiter! *yummm*

    Nono: I do that too 😛

  12. bel3afya babe!

  13. I cant live without sweets 🙂 yummy yumm.. I need something after every meal!


  15. Allah edeem el ni3ma. I hate it. :/

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