What do you do..

February 19, 2008

when you want something so badly, but can’t have it?



  1. Next best thing!

  2. NOOOOOOOO!! Meditate and work on the secret like she keeps telling me and that crap don’t work!!! come on! if it’s good for you, fight for it if IT IS NOT then let it GO!

  3. u move on

  4. Fight for it.

  5. Lets say you want ‘a’ fish for instance,

    aren’t there other fishes? Or is this fish special?

  6. Im living in that phase at the moment 😦

  7. You wait.

  8. If you truly can’t have it, don’t think about it. I know it’s hard but eventually you won’t think about it as much and slowly, ever so slowly, you’ll move onto the next best thing.

  9. Don’t do what I do – I tell myself I don’t want it, and I distract myself. Sometimes it works. Problem is, you usually have to pay the price later.

  10. but y can’t u have it?

  11. You compensate by taking something else you really wanted and can have.

  12. wait wait wait and wait

  13. work on it.

  14. nabchy w nakel kakaw

  15. Ever heard of The Secret?

    Visualise that you DO have it…..and u will……and if u dont have it, then ull end up with something even better !

  16. I would sulk.

  17. The secret doesn’t work 😐

    You just find something else that you want more and you can have!

  18. I would just cry my eyes out I guess!

  19. if u knw u can never have it theres no use crying about it just try and learn to move on

    if u think theres a chance of havin it later then u keep trying til u get it

  20. move on!!

  21. i say kill for it

  22. take it by any means

  23. You live in denial and say it’s not that good anyways.

  24. if its something you can’t live without.. fight for it…
    if its something you figure you can live without…. let it goo….

  25. emmm I just think and think and re-think of a way to get it!

  26. I cry

  27. Fight for it!

  28. I just pout, and shout and stomp my feet
    then, I move on 🙂

    C’est la vie***

  29. I’d use “The Secret”… If that doesn’t work, I try my best to get over it and move on..

  30. Make an effort to earn it.

  31. If it’s chocolate, then nothing will get in my way, and I mean nothing. Anything else, I just go off and suffer by myself until I get used to the pain.

    I think I am a masochist LOL.

  32. Forget about it…it means that it’s not for me!

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