And the winner is..

February 22, 2008

41% of you said.. you’d let go and move on to the next best thing

31% of you said.. you’d fight for it

14% of you said.. you’ll sulk or cry

7% of you said.. you’d wait

7% of you said.. you’d be in denial_blue_rose_of_my_dreams__by_kagehoshi.jpg



  1. 5oosh derasa wallah..I didn’t think most ppl would let go..ya36ech il 3afya:)

  2. lol 3ashaw rabi3 il-wait

  3. Hurray!!! I win…:P do the winners get Powder Pancakes?

  4. You mean you are The WinNer : – P

  5. Hmmm, it seems I missed some sorta a poll of a survey or something.

  6. So you’re basically going to move on ..?

  7. I didn’t answer this before but i would probably do everything in the category. the last thing first up to the first thing last;/

  8. so haa nawya ta5theen ray iljumhoor :p wila ibtaksireen feena

  9. nice theme/layout 😀

  10. Does that winning percentage include you?

  11. Haaa!!?

  12. I don’t get it ;p

  13. mawedich it7i6een a new post?

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