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Poke, Poke Back

March 31, 2008

Poke.. Poke Back.. Poke.. Poke Back…..

Laih mita? Say something!!


Senny, She3y,

March 28, 2008

3nizy, 3eemy, naidy, n3aaaal !

Does it take another invasion to remind us that we’re all Kuwaitis at the end? The country has never been so divided.


Idiots in Facebook I

March 27, 2008

Idiot #1- Black “Animal”:

I liked your picture , and would like to start somethin with you :). If you are interested on me just send me a message.

Idiot doesn’t even have his name in his profile, an ugly ass picture, and he thinks I might be interested in starting something.

Idiot #2: Blue eyed idiot.

He adds me, at least he has his name. Pretty boy with blue eyes and 243 friends, 242 who are women with fake names.

My facebook picture doesn’t even show what I look like, so I have no idea what Idiot #1 saw in it. Maybe just the hint of a girl is enough?


And I’m back (sorta)

March 22, 2008

Ba3d moshawarat with 1 or 2 bloqqers, I decided not to say what it was I was doing. Thank you all for your wishes though. Alot of you either know me or are on my MSN and Facebook, so you’ll probably know what it was anyway 😛

And those who guessed I got married, you’re wrong. Not getting married anytime soon 😛

I have over 100 unread posts on my Reader, so I probably won’t be replying unless the urge hits, so if you get a reply to last weeks post, 3adi! It could take a while to get back to my unhealthy internet habits (yes, yes I’m an addict).



March 15, 2008

Big, tiring day tomorrow. More info later. Pray for me!




March 15, 2008

I am normally against segregation

But rather than segregating students from classrooms while they are under the supervision of a professor, how about they segregate The Avenues? Can we have a Ladies Day at least? Inzain, segregate the monkeys that look like this:

P.S. I’m just kidding around, but we do need a Ladies Day

Strange Story

March 10, 2008

A friend of mine was in a serious relationship with someone for a few years. By serious, I mean the families were later involved and there was talk of marriage once he gets his high school degree and gets into college (No, they weren’t high school kids, they are both 24 now). That relationship ended a year ago, and since then he reappears every few months (probably when he’s single and bored) and asks her to forgive him and he loves her and this b.s. A while back, his sister called and told her he gave her a box of her things to return to her.

She got the box yesterday, and it contained an old book, a dictionary that was not hers, and ALL the gifts and cards she gave to him, and barely even used. Some of the items include a belt with the tag still on it, Bulgari perfume still in its box and plastic (he opened it, tried it once, and put it back), several other perfumes the most used one was 3/4 full (Allure), an orange Barcelona jersey she went through hell to find (with the tag on it), a phone (he wanted) that still has the plastic on it (along with the box) and other (expensive) items still in almost perfect condition.

So what’s the story? It’s strange that after all these years he still has the packages and ribbons and cards. It’s even stranger that he hasn’t been using these things at all. Ok maybe he didn’t like the gifts, but who doesn’t like Allure? And he was the one who wanted the jersey. She’s quite upset, and I don’t really blame her. A gift is a gift, returning it is just rude. She thinks he knew this day was coming and was keeping all her things in the box to return to her when the time comes. I don’t have any explanation except that he’s a weirdo.