Strange Story

March 10, 2008

A friend of mine was in a serious relationship with someone for a few years. By serious, I mean the families were later involved and there was talk of marriage once he gets his high school degree and gets into college (No, they weren’t high school kids, they are both 24 now). That relationship ended a year ago, and since then he reappears every few months (probably when he’s single and bored) and asks her to forgive him and he loves her and this b.s. A while back, his sister called and told her he gave her a box of her things to return to her.

She got the box yesterday, and it contained an old book, a dictionary that was not hers, and ALL the gifts and cards she gave to him, and barely even used. Some of the items include a belt with the tag still on it, Bulgari perfume still in its box and plastic (he opened it, tried it once, and put it back), several other perfumes the most used one was 3/4 full (Allure), an orange Barcelona jersey she went through hell to find (with the tag on it), a phone (he wanted) that still has the plastic on it (along with the box) and other (expensive) items still in almost perfect condition.

So what’s the story? It’s strange that after all these years he still has the packages and ribbons and cards. It’s even stranger that he hasn’t been using these things at all. Ok maybe he didn’t like the gifts, but who doesn’t like Allure? And he was the one who wanted the jersey. She’s quite upset, and I don’t really blame her. A gift is a gift, returning it is just rude. She thinks he knew this day was coming and was keeping all her things in the box to return to her when the time comes. I don’t have any explanation except that he’s a weirdo.



  1. He’s sick I guess.. No one would do that. I don’t think anyone who starts a relationship, thinks of the days it’s going to be over?!! That’s just not normal!

  2. That is some expensive relationship.

  3. He may have been trying to keep them in pristine condition cause he liked them so much 🙂

  4. A wierdo who still feels strongly connected to your friend. Even giving the box back through his sister is sending a message, seeking attention. I hope she moves on and never looks back.

  5. mayshoof shar

  6. ShoSho: Madri that’s what she thought.. Maybe he has too many gifts from girls he doesn’t even know what to do with them!

    Purgatory: Well count birthdays, valentine, and suwayi’3, for a few years.

    MiYaFuSHi: Lol actually u reminded me, he said something like that to her

    Intlxpatr: She wanted to tell his sister to throw them in the trash, but she really hoping he was returning the book 😛

    Outkasty: Yeah lol

  7. If i was your friend i would send a box with only a dildo inside . Asshole .

  8. How terribly rude of him!

    I hope she is strong enough never to return to that relationship again

  9. 7ywan

  10. greyshorts: LOL love it, if it was me i’d do that too!

    jewaira: Thankfully she’s moved on and is very happy without him.

    pink: 7ada! lo agol shlon he treated her sij sij 7aywan oo mo kafoo

  11. Maybe he wants the money instead?

  12. lol ! that dude is such a loser, i pity him , tell your ‘friend’ to move on , and she can do better . In a way your ‘ friend’ is lucky she got out of the misery before marriage. She defenetly desrves better than a guy who returns gifts.

  13. moo bas weirdo
    qaleel el adab ma yste7i
    ashwa eftakat minna

  14. yimkin mayabe ekhareb the gifts aw ekhals;hom coz they were so specail;p ?

    bs i beleive ina maynon ;p

  15. […] Kuwait, Enigma shares the strange story of a friend, whose boyfriend returned all the gifts she had ever given him […]

  16. Maybe the gifts were to precious to him so he decided to treasure them. But if their relantionship was so strong why the hell would he give back all the gifts he got, I think thats childish and Weird!

  17. maybe he loved the gifts so much that he didnt want to use them. mmm maybe he used them already bs 3shan he wanted to give them back toher he bought a new item of each. w etha la hatha wala thak then ehwa ass w bs !

  18. Ghareeb. Yimken kan yabee yaqher’ha?

  19. That’s so upsetting, a gift is a gift. You take it, and never give it back! and offff I am very upset that he didn’t even use it!

  20. Ahwa 7mar, she should laugh in his face..

  21. If your friend were a lesbian then she could’ve used all the stuff she gave him (her) 😀

  22. Hasan B.: I have no idea

    Grey: You’re right!

    eshda3wa: yeah, ma yeste7y

    um-mit3ibb, zainobia, Cat: Fee nas chethee?! ya3ny ok keep the empty bottles and ribbons, bs why not use them at all?? Lol Cat, I thought about that but that doesn’t explain the clothes and belt, some were old.

    Chirp: Most likely

    Big Pearls: Yeah, it’s so 3aib to return a gift

    Swair: She’s ignoring, which is even better

  23. Elijah: heheh ;* At least if he hadn’t opened them she cud re-gift them lol

  24. i think she should follow greyshorts advice 😛

  25. ya3ni ok yimkin he didn’t like the perfumes, didn’t need a new phone..bas why didn’t he wear the jersey if he wanted it so bad?! it doesn’t make sense.

  26. How could it be serious if they broke up!!
    I guess he wasn’t serious AT ALL! Otherwise he would’ve kept her gifts for the sake of a good memory if their marriage was obstruckted.

    What a loser.

  27. vixen: Lol I think so too

    dandoon: yeah, it doesn’t.

    Ms Loala: I guess she was sick of being treated like crap for a whole year.. So after he left for the millionth time, she didn’t take him back.

  28. You guys are still on about this ? I mean when you shit you don’t say omg why does my shit smell you accept the shit and you accept that shit will always be shit .

    Right enigma ?

  29. maybe he felt that using her gifts symbolizes a certain commitment to her . he’s hurtful and he’s a weenie

    on the brighter side of things, i have one word: regifting !

  30. greyshorts: lol yeah that’s right, shit will always be shit! But anyway I don’t have any topics of my own which is why i borrowed a friend’s salfa and we’re still talking about it:P

    joud: lol

  31. That is really wierd:/ Or maybe he just bought the things again to show that he didn’t like them so he can hurt her? Ma yindara. Either way he’s wierd and she shud be glad she’s rid of him! 🙂

  32. he supports barca course he’s a weirdo =P

  33. its strange!! something you like, you got it and you dont use them…

  34. Mu 9a7i;\

  35. It’s very sad he would do that – he was trying to punish her I guess or make her feel really awful.

    I would just give away the things if I didn’t want to be reminded or didn’t want to keep them… Shoving them back so coldly and untouched like that is quite mean and is lashing out at her to strike. Glad your friend is doing better now, Allah yerzegha weld il7alal who will treat her with more honor and love inshallah.

  36. yallah post

  37. Baaaysicklee, hes a retard.

  38. Something is really screwed up in that head of his! Why wouldn’t he not use the gifts? They still had tags on them for Effs sake! He probably sent all the stuff back because she refused to take him back and he got pissed. His ego is obviously bruised so he thought laish ma aqhrha? but why he hasn’t used the gifts baffles me. Tell your friend to forget his sorry ass, good riddance I say!

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