Idiots in Facebook I

March 27, 2008

Idiot #1- Black “Animal”:

I liked your picture , and would like to start somethin with you :). If you are interested on me just send me a message.

Idiot doesn’t even have his name in his profile, an ugly ass picture, and he thinks I might be interested in starting something.

Idiot #2: Blue eyed idiot.

He adds me, at least he has his name. Pretty boy with blue eyes and 243 friends, 242 who are women with fake names.

My facebook picture doesn’t even show what I look like, so I have no idea what Idiot #1 saw in it. Maybe just the hint of a girl is enough?



  1. LOL.. Add marrah wa7dah, 7atah mo poke 3al 5afef. Change your privacy settings and hide yourself from that black “Animal” haha..

  2. 7arakaaaaat…. πŸ˜›

  3. u cant blame them for adding random girls.. it’s not their fingers that do the typing.. if u know what i mean.


  4. Looooolzzz!! Jobless people..

  5. Maybe he liked your name .

  6. looooooooool
    so he want to start something huh ?!!

  7. LOL I commend him for seeing a possibilty and attempting to seize the moment. I don’t use facebook, but say he genuinly liked you, what else could the love struck lad do..

    Even though it sounds like a mass message to more than one person, if that’s even possible.

  8. So I check facebook this morning 3 friends request…4 hours later I have how many? 15! 1-5!!! WTF! I don’t even know any of those people they are all guys from the Gulf region who want to meet some girls!

    seriously? Am not even on any Arab network!

  9. Both idiots: “OH MY GOD! FEMALE!!! CHAAAAARGE!!!!!”

  10. I get the same but with girls, what would you do if a “Farawla Sexia” (name slightly altered) adds you up….!!!

  11. loool ee theyre either cats or strawberries shsalfat-hum

  12. my picture to the public is a question mark w mara wa7id dazly msg egoly how beautiful my eyes arE:P

  13. ask him wat kind of something he wants to start :p

  14. lool ! i had the same but in real , the guy comes to me and gives his no and tells me ‘ call me i have a good deal for you’ … how scary is that ?

  15. looooooooool that was nice post! both are idiots!

  16. BloBoz: My profile is private, they can just see the small picture which doesn’t even show my full face

    SpiKeY: Sheft shlon πŸ˜›

    snookie: lol!

    zainoba: Yeah, nas fa6’yaa

    greyshorts: hehe maybe!

    Cat: yeah, widy as2ala what

    suspic: those people just add every girl in the network and hope for something to happen

    shopa: they just see your name, that’s enough for them!

    Swair: YES!!

    um-mit3ibb: 7amdilla wil shikir!! hahaha

    Grey: That’s scary, man!

    Amu: 7adhum idiots

  17. sometimes I get bored and random message people you should try it but keep it interesting not freaky

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