Senny, She3y,

March 28, 2008

3nizy, 3eemy, naidy, n3aaaal !

Does it take another invasion to remind us that we’re all Kuwaitis at the end? The country has never been so divided.



  1. Well I guess so if it’s required, go sleeppppppppppppppppppppppp

  2. yeah dude.. according to my parents, kuwait was a effing different country in the 80s 😦

    tara 7ata the 90s!! i dont remember all this separation! aslan wala i swear i didnt know i was shee3ia until some kid at school in 7th grade asked me and i told him i didnt know and then i asked my dad LOL.. umm.. ok i probably should have known that.. but il7amdilla i grew up nondenominational 🙂

    i think all this separation is cuz of the stupid kids of today and the past couple of years.. all i can say is Allah yaster minhum il j7oosh.

  3. Your post makes me thirsty,

  4. totally right, I hate it.

  5. How true. How sad.

  6. What?

  7. I’m sorry, I disagree.
    Us ne3el are the sworn protectors of Kuwait (feet)


  8. LOL 3la Bojacob 😉 He’s right you know, Without ne3il, our feet would be a tetanus-y bloody mess…

    But then again, even the Ne3el are pretty stratified and snooty, what with all the ne3ill Nejdi or Hindi and what have you (of which I myself own more than a few pairs of each I must admit)

    Bottom line: You are exactly right. And no, I sadly don’t see any end in sight. Snookie’s parents are right, it was much better in the 80’s when I grew up …. 😦

  9. OMG why are you being so racist ??!?!

  10. Well, with the realization that Kuwait can be taken within 4 hours, people needed a stronger sense of belonging as back up.

    It’s quite interesting.

  11. Enigma, is that something kind of like we say “eenie, meenie, miney, moe” ? It has the same rhythm.

  12. itsadgeen saja.. yabeeelna ghazo thany enta’adab;p

  13. chikapappi: Inshallah 😛

    snookie: It’s so sad! I remember asking my mom (i didn’t even know what senny shee3y was) and she told me say “I’m Muslim”

    Purgatory: tabi may?

    Big Pearls: yeah 😦

    Swair: 😦

    Grey: Kuwaitis and tribal racism.. They’re even racist against each other now

    Bojacob: Haaa 😛

    ms. baker: ee aham shay il ni3il

    greyshorts: ana?

    suspic: like i said, we need an invasion

    intlxpatr: lol no! i’m taking about how people have more loyalty to their tribes or religion (sunni/shiite) than to their country. It’s tearing the country apart.

    um-mit3ibb: heheh ee walla

  14. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..

    yabeelna another invasion !! el nas nesat !!

  15. I wish we could go back to those times

  16. Okay asking for an invasion is not very wise either.

  17. ooops, sorry, and thank you for explaining.

    My Kuwaiti friends speak with such great nostalgia about the 70’s and 80’s, saying Kuwait was paradise then, and everyone got along.

  18. It’s scary and disappointing;\

  19. Migrate to Canada.

  20. and ‘a9eel’ and ‘not a9eel” 😀

  21. Why is that happening, at the end of the day ur all Kuwaities! This should happen bil 3aks you should be united as Im sure the total population of Kuwaities is near to nothing!

    What are naidy, n3aaaal and 3inzy? I mean where do they desend from?

  22. If you want people to unite, they have to unite under a common ground.. that, was supposedly Islam a long time ago, but inevitably people even split under that… this is all.. mako shay

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