Poke, Poke Back

March 31, 2008

Poke.. Poke Back.. Poke.. Poke Back…..

Laih mita? Say something!!



  1. What do you want me to say?

    You have nice eyes 🙂

  2. It’s stupid 😛


  4. lol I don’t really understand the poking lol what’s the point??!!

  5. Once i poked this guy and like my profile thingie was all hidden except for pic of course and he pokes me chan i put my email bas chthy bro7ah ya3ni get the hint asshole chan he pokes me again and then i stopped poking him ya3ni ma aby at3amel m3a naas stupid pleeeease =P

  6. I am the self proclaimed princess of poking so get ready!

  7. next time, shootee 😉

  8. what exactely is going on with u?:p

  9. poke.. ignore.. automatically (it) will stop poking

  10. Try to stab.

  11. Women can do so with their eyes… I can attest to that.

  12. haw 7igray;p

  13. I see a vision… tennis.. in your future

  14. Huh?

  15. ha ha ! yeah ! .. but i like it .. 😛

  16. facebook friend

  17. poke poke poke ppppoke pokeeeee 😀

  18. One of the reasons I never use Facebook.

  19. Must be all the boredom.

  20. Ahhh it just keeps getting ridiculous over time. The problem is that I cannot resist the urge to poke them back.

  21. Its been over a year already >< well I wish you are fine 🙂

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