No More Idiots

April 5, 2008


I disabled pokes and friend requests from non-friends. I hate facebook. I HATE FACEBOOK.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Got a message from an idiot as I was posting this. So messages are disabled too.



  1. emmm..am I the only one who knows nothing about facebook?

  2. Better stay that way!

  3. But u have to admit that creating events and having looooooooong conversations in the messaging section thing is fun :p

    just make ur profile extra private..

  4. Lol Swair I know, that’s why I can’t bring myself to deactivate the whole thing!

  5. It’s good that you did it! That the way I role there too!

  6. Facebook Sucks

  7. My friends and family keep asking me to open an account, but never will. Do not like the whole Idea. I am a proud fan of blogs!

  8. Shno bega 3ayal , view friends ? =P

  9. I like it becuase the privacy controls are great maybe I should disable pokes but kinda got a competition going with somone and thats my only poker lol and I’m a guy so dont have to go through what you do

  10. I am thinking of deleting the account too.. haven’t done anything there for ages..

  11. I did that a looooong time ago…….life became just perfect after that.

  12. I might try your method very soon. It’s getting ridiculous over here.

  13. facebook hates you back, ugly

  14. chikapappi: ee ra7a!

    Purgatory: Shdarak, make an account!

    Hasan.B: Try it, u’ll be stuck to it

    greyshorts: Lol no i deactivated that min ziman

    TAT: I still poke my friends 😛

    ShoSho: I can’t make myself delete it!

    DR: yessss I was so happy when I signed in today and there were no idiots!

    Angelo: I highly reccoment it

    offmyhead: ur so stupid i bet ur one of the idiots who messeged/added/poked me

  15. I second purg! facebook sucks!

  16. I am getting bored of it too!

  17. I exist, but I do not at the same time 😛

  18. Love facebook, with a privatized madry shino. mali khulg afakir

  19. Looooooooool! bbbuwahahha. dont we all hate it.
    tawa sawaiti thread. you so hate it.

  20. I haven’t used Facebook in forever… it doesn’t work at home and it doesn’t work at work… lool… ASHWA!!

  21. if I poked you, would you poke back or am I considered a non-friend? Are we not somewhat blogging-colleagues/friends?! 😀

  22. I’m itching to delete my FB account but got so caught up in ffs that I can’t abandon the partners :/ one day one day will delete it.

  23. intay film ;p

  24. uf tell me about it. i dont have an account and im sick of it! when is this haba gna be over…

  25. i am really frustrated from it recently because of elections many requests regarding that.. and also the many applications that i am invited for frequently.. if there will be ever an application block! it is nice that you become in touch with people you know.. but i have no intention to know people i don’t really know! 🙂

  26. LOL… I hate it altogether 😀

  27. May I please ask why someone would hate facebook this much?? Allah y3een lo mafy a lot of privacy options. You have full control of your identity. I think its a nice way to catch with people you havent spoken to in a long time. But to hate it that much is a bit extreme I think!

  28. I have one but no one can find me. Just make it private only ur friends can see u. And I also disabled receiving emails everytime someone makes a move!

    If i wanna check sthg just do it on facebook, dont need alerts for that.

  29. If there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s what I always say.

  30. bright- I don’t really hate it, i love-hate it if u know what i mean 😛

  31. Lol yes I guess, I can definitely relate to that type of situation with a number of things in life. Have a good one!

  32. facebook is boring !!I made one and then inclosed after a week!!

  33. facebook is boring..I made one then closed it the next week 3ala 6ool

  34. umbay sorry I wrote that twice I didn’t know it published cuz 6ala3le error madre shnu w I wrote it again;/

  35. I side with Hasan B.

    Facebook stinks—>something I haven’t said in a very loooong time, haha.

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