Imagine Me!

April 9, 2008

From blog um-mit3ibb πŸ˜› How do you think I look? If you’ve seen me, did I look like u imagined me?

Long/short hair?
Black/Red/Blonde/Brown/Purple/Blue hair?




  1. you are chubby, short… hmm.. face full of acne! nose of a witch :p lol – short boy hair and you stink!

  2. ya *&^%$(&^%&*$& *%*^%*o& *%$*^&^% !

  3. I hope you are chubby and tall, but alas, I doubt you are

  4. Well, since you want to gain some weight in the other post of yours, I say you are thin but kinda short.

    Your hair used to be long but you just had it cut recently. You have a brownish hair (more like extremely dark blond). You generally have a white skin but you get it tanned once in awhile.


    I’m just saying stuff here…don’t freak on me K πŸ˜›

  5. short with mmmm short hair but not too short .. mmm u r fine la thin wala chubby πŸ™‚

    white skin and black hair

  6. lol at chika πŸ˜› U look great jesmich ehabil i dont think u should gain… did u cut ur hair? La i dont think u look like i imagined u’d be before i met u.. u look waay better knt ma agra ur blog so i didnt know u well πŸ™‚

  7. I’m getting a vibe that you’re female..

  8. La wala shlon now akon unbiased ma daam ena u corrected the others o getelhom eltruth ! WAlla !

  9. Tall and Thin:p

  10. petite
    wear glasses
    short dark hair

  11. Medium Height, Thin, White, Black shoulder lenght hair..lol

  12. =P

  13. I didn’t expect u to look like that πŸ˜›

  14. I second chika πŸ˜› you are so chubby and fat that they have to open both the doors of the main entrance of the house for you to get in πŸ˜€

  15. Black hair, brown skin, 165cm , 53KG …

  16. lol funny post.. interesting to see the different views..

    I don’t think you are different than the pics in FB.. but maybe because that implanted the picture..

  17. skinny , tall , long black hair !

  18. short, very thin (petite)
    dark hair to shoulders with highlights.
    skin, darkish.

    hmm close?

  19. And when will you grace us with the answer if you decide to? Because as it stands the guesses are all over the board! I’m sure you’re getting a kick out of reading all the different answers! lol

  20. lol that’s my next post!

  21. You’re nothing close to what I have imagined. πŸ˜›

  22. I left a comment where did it go?

    I said;

    haykal 3a’9mi abya’9 πŸ˜›

  23. PETITE!

    3araftay hathol ily nitfa? agdar a7i6ich ib jan6ity 3araftay?

    sha3rech wavy shoulder length

    w hdomich sada;p

  24. tall/thin/black long hair/pretty/shino ba3ad?

    bas =p

  25. almost like what I imagined

  26. Tall and thin and very graceful, beautiful glossy dark hair, laughing dark eyes, medium skin tone. Seems to be an Enigma because she is quiet and observing, rather than the life of the party. Close?

  27. was anyone close.

  28. hehe intlxpatr was spot on

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