THE Book..

April 16, 2008


April 15, 2008



  1. sexyy

  2. sephora .. woooow

  3. Me like, so what time today?!

  4. ya7laailhum!!

    chan zain loo the country buys like a million copy ooo itwaze3hum 3ala il banat with the funny makeup… khal yet3alemoon

  5. mn wain abii 🙂

  6. Oo! A Face-paint book! :O

    *runs for his life*

  7. lol!
    as the page was loading, i was like anticipating the moment!
    i was thinking what book could it be and if i read it or not!
    excitedmene 3al fathi :/

    sephora, aaaaaaal.

  8. LoooooooooL @ 3baid!

  9. 4 people working on one lady, isn’t that a bit too much ><
    I think its better to not over exaggerate on make up.

  10. eshda3wa: 7addaaaa

    Cat: ee!

    chikapapapappapi: ;D

    shoosha: ee wallah, yakseboon fehum ajer shway

    yara4ever: Amazon, Sephora.com, barnesandnoble, to name a few 😀

    3baid: lol!!

    nQ: hahahahaha!!! I have been spending a lot of my free time lately with hair & makeup I sooooooo want that book!

    Shosho: lol

  11. G: I love simple, and natural looking makeup. The book has plenty of tips and tricks, so its not all face painting

  12. I loveeeeee Sephora makeup! when I go to Paris akhom elma7al kila 😀

  13. LOL eshda3wa faint.

    Oh well, each on has his liking I guess. my cousin loves this kinda stuff so a review would be nice after you are done reading it. Might be a nice present for her.

  14. LOL at 3ubaid.

    i like the under eye blue. thekthy

  15. FourMe: I know I get lost for hours in it!

    Angelo: Yeah, faint hehehe. I’ll definitely try to get my hand on it

    fayora: I wish I knew how to do those things, it always finds its way under my eyes.

  16. Loool @ shoosha! They should distribute them in Bahrain too! =p

  17. Do I know you? 😛

  18. Lol chenna 😛

  19. I love Sephora, when I saw it in Waterfront Mall here in Dubai I was so excited. Do u have the book, is it good?


  21. zainoba: No, it just got released. I’m waiting for the Amazon reviews to start coming before I order it

    Ms Loala: Amazon! 😀

  22. i love love love sephora

  23. Oooooh!! The magic that could happen with this book!

    Lemme know how it is plz.

  24. nice 🙂

  25. if you buy it post a review about it : P

  26. I’ll definitely post a review if I get my hands on it

  27. yes please we want a review.

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