The storm

April 23, 2008

I was looking through my hundreds of accumulated forwards in my inbox and saw one on the storm that happened april 11th, and i realized that:

-Trees fell
-Streetlights fell
-Street advertisements fell
-Road signs fell
-Satellite dishes were flown off roofs
-Many other things broke/collapsed/fell..

But every single speed camera is still standing.



  1. Haha! Nice try.

  2. LLLooooLLLLLLL!


  4. lol… i think because fii wires.

  5. LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL

    lama kena fe eygpt .. kanaw dayman ye7e6oon da3aya 3an product enah law shey9eer ma ye5tereb ..

    the song goes like:

    ‘9ed el mayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    ‘9ed el naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
    ‘9ed el 7asharaaaaaaaaaaaa
    ‘9ed el faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

    kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak ! sam goes to the speeding cameras 🙂

  6. Ya these speed cams are well build damn that reminds me i got a lot of pictures taken 😛

  7. just an example of how things turn out they will still milk away every fils from you lol

  8. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard they cost like 50K+ so they better stay where they are. Damn things ain’t cheap..

  9. LOOOL good one!!

  10. How else will they pay for all the damage?

  11. garadaa

  12. hahahaaa

  13. loooool…ras’hom yabis;p

  14. loool nice one 😀

  15. lol ! may be you should slow down instead 😀


  17. low gaylatlina abtchar chan dazaina cham wa7d ikasirhum o and blamed it on the storm 😛

  18. LOOL 😀

    I guess those speeding cameras are the only thing the government constructed well in this country.

  19. More standing = more money 😉

  20. loooool..so true:)

  21. LOOOOL!!!

  22. btw, by blog URL changed, I don’t know whats wrong with the other one, faj2a my blog turned into a porn site. anyway this is the new one:

  23. loool!!! 7asafa ma77ad gedar 3aleehum = p

  24. LOOOL! 7ilwa :P!

  25. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  26. lol! I bet you got caught by a camera. xP

  27. E wallah
    No solution but the good ol’ rifle w/ these cameras

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