I’m voting.

May 16, 2008

So I finally made up my mind and decided that I should vote. I’m still not going to the nadwat/maqarrat, so I’m going to choose my candidates based on the information I have in front of me (i.e. their websites) and what I read in the newspaper.

What I’m looking for: A candidate that supports women’s full rights – including giving the nationality to her children and husband, the housing loan, etc. Saying that you demand “housing” and “treatment of her children as Kuwaitis” doesn’t cut it.

What else I’m looking for: I’m against those people who want to reduce any of our freedoms whether it’s segregation, or things as simple as a women’s football team.

The candidates:

Abdulmehsen Al Medej: Someone please explain what this means. I really want to vote for this guy.
معالجة أوضاع أبناء المرأة الكويتية المتزوجة من غير كويتي بما يكفل عدم التمييز ضدها في حقوق المواطنة.

Hussain Al Huraiti: This guy has no mention of women’s rights, but I might vote for him based on his previous performance. I might call the numbers in his campaign.

Bokhamseen-AlSaleh-Ashour: I think I read in the newspaper that this group supported women’s full rights. I won’t vote for all 3 though, unless I don’t have anyone else to vote for.

Hassan Johar: I wanted to vote for this guy (based on previous performace) until he joined this alliance with Lari & A.Samad. So no.

Abdullah Al Roomi, Dr. Mohammed Al Kandari, Abdulwahid Al Awadhi: I don’t have info on these but hopefully I will before the end of the day. If anyone can provide a link to a site or FB group I’d be thankful.



  1. Wait which da2eera are you?
    How come you didnt include voting for a woman?

    Fii il ta7alouf in every da2era as well if i am not mistaken.

    i’m still not voting this year ;p-

  2. mm, the last three are great based on what i hear …i am not into politics and stuff so i don’t really know who’s best ;/ i was supposed to vote those years but unfortunately i am not “mqayidda” 😦

  3. vote for me 😀

  4. skinnyB- I’m in the 1st, and there are only 2 women, both are pretty imcompetent and have absolutely no hance so I won’t waste my vote on them. Al medej is the ta7aluf one.

    Squirreliya: Are you sure you’re not? I remember all women are registered automatically. You can check here http://eservices1.moi.gov.kw/elections/mainmenu.nsf

    Amu: Ya ok 😛

  5. معالجة أوضاع أبناء المرأة الكويتية المتزوجة من غير كويتي بما يكفل عدم التمييز ضدها في حقوق المواطنة.

    Give out rights to children with Kuwaiti mothers, and making sure that the Kuwaiti woman who married a non Kuwaiti to get all of her rights as well as her kids..

    GO AL MED3IJ !!

    If i were you, i’d vote for Abdulla Al Roomi

    I hope i wasn’t too late.. !!

  6. + Il Med3ij oo il Roomi have a great chance to win, if you vote for them of course ;p.. laat thay3een 9ootich.. vote for those two oo inshalla they win !!

    with addition to your other votes that is ;p’

    good luck !

  7. oh ur in the same da’era as me!
    as im a Huge supporter of AlRoomiz id provide u the links for him ..
    his facebookGroup

    Bst of luck with choosing;)

  8. have fun I guess don’t really know nor care since voting is against my beliefs but thats a different story

  9. vote for Rola Dashti…pleaseee…:)

  10. You can vote for more than one guy? How come?

  11. Peony: inshallah they win!

    TAT: why ;/

    Mazen: I would’ve if she had been in my circle 🙂

    Grey: You can vote for up to 4 candidates

  12. It’s complex

  13. so… bashray ;p who did u vote for?

  14. From what I heat Najla Naqi is not imcompetant….they say she’s actually quiet good, from what they heard her say atleast
    But i still didn’t vote for her.

  15. Enigma, I am proud of you for voting. One day . . . maybe YOU will be running. 🙂

  16. Well I didnt vote and I really want some people to win but my vote wont make a difference to those who have 8000 and above.

  17. oh and I really dont like politics so either way i dont vote 😛

  18. I didn’t : ) but good for you!

  19. Cuts to Status of Women and Court Challenges Program Undermine Government’s Commitment to Women’s Equality FAFIA (Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action) Press Release Ottawa: FAFIA , a pan-Canadian alliance of women’s and human rights organizations, is denouncing the $5 million cut to the federal department of Status of Women over two years. These cuts will be taken from its modest annual budget of $13 million. The grants and contributions arm ($11 million) of the department was not affected.

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