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May 27, 2008

If I get just 1 MORE  sms from Dr. Mohammad Al Kandary I will call the numbers he had in his campaign and scream my head off. How did they get my number anyway? And eshfee mo shayef khair chinna awal wa7id idish il majlis! Kho khalesat il intekhabat!!!



  1. 😛

  2. I hate those msgs!

  3. Ola!

    Lail7en ydzon msgat?!!?!

  4. Call Zain/Wataniya and tell them to stop the mass messages.

  5. still?!?!

  6. LooooooooL Shoot him!

  7. Yeah still!!! 3baid, I did that a long time ago, bas a few of them still slip through, and this guy is still sending messages!

  8. abaih!! shd3wa laish wayed mishta6!! >__<

  9. ehh la2ana mestanes dash fee majlish el `7ama. which they dont do anything or anything that is useful.

  10. I KNOW! ITS ANNOYING THE HELL OUTTA ME! Its about time THEY STOP! iffhhhh

  11. hehe 😀 someone has a crush on you ? 😛

  12. This was on the Al-Qabas newspaper few days ago, someone was complaining and Zain replied… They couldn’t justify anything.

  13. tawa wa9elni minnah!!!! ethaher zayda floosa il rayyal!

  14. You’ve been tagged by me 😀

  15. men9ijich! lay bacher!

  16. I tagged u

  17. loool …he’s reminding u of his next campaign..lol

  18. looooooool Kindari msgs here too 😛

  19. 7ajjeeyyaa intay TAG =~]

  20. Tagged

  21. WELL..
    first of all i agree that those msgs can get annoyin ! for the fact that they keep on remindin u of the same thing again and again and again… which makes u feel like breakin ur mobile !

    However .. i dont agree with u sayin “And eshfee mo shayef khair chinna awal wa7id idish il majlis! Kho khalesat il intekhabat!!!”
    cuz mn 7ag ay morsha7 enna ybasher b 7mleta el e3lameya .. w it is not like he is mt3med holding his mobile and texting u ! i think there is an error with the system cuz me 2 i recieved msgat mn morsha7en wagt el farz ! ,, so it is kind of rude to insult the man .. instead one should yell at the assigned companies..
    ANYWAYZ thank God the elections r over ..
    😉 peace

    it is just rude to say that ..

  22. Yo!!! Where are you skinny lady!

  23. Sara-

    Why is it rude? Ana ma sabaita wala thamait feeh.

    And no, mo min 7agga iydizly msgat 3ala kaifa, I didn’t sign up for this neither did I give him permission to send me these messages. Ok, we put up with this crap during elections, and ri6’aina bil “Thank you” messages, but sending messages every single time he wants to go to a diwaniya or does a 3asha 10 days after elections- that’s going too far. Who’s the rude one now?

  24. 1) sweety 3la ay asas mo mn 7ag el morsha7en enhum edzonlich msgat ?.. sa7 u didnt give them permission w moi 2 i didnt give them permission w no one did !!.. lol bas the one that gave permission is the telecom companies .. w ohma ele 7a6aw hal 5dmaa swa2an lech or l’3airech ..

    2) Haday a3sabich .. believe me no1 3agel is ready to waste his money after the elections ;p .. lol if u receive a msg just delete it .. kilha chm click .. bas i dont think them sending u msg’z is a rude thing .. cuz hal msgat lil tanweeh bas .. just like gettin msg’z from shops for sale w promotions ..

    anywayz as i said b4 elections r over .. so lets wrap up the convo ..

  25. sweety, a3saby always barda.

  26. Good ;p u’ll live longer + healthier

  27. +less shaib and wrinkles 😀

  28. shegool

  29. i agree, very annoying. So are the cell broadcasts… someone please tell me how to get rid of them (I have a NOKIA).

  30. time for new post??? 😛

  31. where are u ? come back..

  32. Are you alive?


  34. never heard abour him

  35. my brother is getting the msgs too ;p

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