Enigma 101

I’ll try to write 101 things, but no promises ;P

1- I am 24 25 years old
2- I am female
3- I am a Taurus
4- I am Kuwaiti
5- I love the smell of nail polish
6- I love my hair
7- I have always been an insomniac (even as a child)
8- I love reading
9- I started wearing glasses when i was 12
10- I hate racist people
11- I am quiet, but I observe and listen to everything around me
12- I have difficulty expressing my feelings
13- People can never tell what I’m thinking by my facial expressions
14- I consider myself a very honest person, therefore I always assume the person in front of me is honest too (big mistake)
15- I only love chocolate in the winter (the chocolate has to be hard and cold)




  1. I am kinda like you in 11 and 12!

    Yalla ..waiting for the rest 87 points ;D

  2. I’m like you in ..
    2, 5,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,14, and 15 – hell no 15, I love chocolate bs once a month !

    nice blog 😉



  4. tsk tsk tsk… offmyhead, bouncing from one chick to another 3aid! remember… insignificant day.. insignificant .. insignificant .. blah blah blah.. this is for you ENIGMA! PEACE OUT !

  5. i love u the way u are :*

  6. shfety shlon he LOVES US SO MUCH heheheheheh he’s even reading our About pages!

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