THE Book..

April 16, 2008


April 15, 2008


Imagine Me!

April 9, 2008

From blog um-mit3ibb 😛 How do you think I look? If you’ve seen me, did I look like u imagined me?

Long/short hair?
Black/Red/Blonde/Brown/Purple/Blue hair?



No More Idiots

April 5, 2008


I disabled pokes and friend requests from non-friends. I hate facebook. I HATE FACEBOOK.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Got a message from an idiot as I was posting this. So messages are disabled too.


Poke, Poke Back

March 31, 2008

Poke.. Poke Back.. Poke.. Poke Back…..

Laih mita? Say something!!


Senny, She3y,

March 28, 2008

3nizy, 3eemy, naidy, n3aaaal !

Does it take another invasion to remind us that we’re all Kuwaitis at the end? The country has never been so divided.


Idiots in Facebook I

March 27, 2008

Idiot #1- Black “Animal”:

I liked your picture , and would like to start somethin with you :). If you are interested on me just send me a message.

Idiot doesn’t even have his name in his profile, an ugly ass picture, and he thinks I might be interested in starting something.

Idiot #2: Blue eyed idiot.

He adds me, at least he has his name. Pretty boy with blue eyes and 243 friends, 242 who are women with fake names.

My facebook picture doesn’t even show what I look like, so I have no idea what Idiot #1 saw in it. Maybe just the hint of a girl is enough?


And I’m back (sorta)

March 22, 2008

Ba3d moshawarat with 1 or 2 bloqqers, I decided not to say what it was I was doing. Thank you all for your wishes though. Alot of you either know me or are on my MSN and Facebook, so you’ll probably know what it was anyway 😛

And those who guessed I got married, you’re wrong. Not getting married anytime soon 😛

I have over 100 unread posts on my Reader, so I probably won’t be replying unless the urge hits, so if you get a reply to last weeks post, 3adi! It could take a while to get back to my unhealthy internet habits (yes, yes I’m an addict).