January 2, 2010

Happy New Year !


If I were a Manga..

September 14, 2008

I saw it first here 😛 


1 more..

May 27, 2008

If I get just 1 MORE  sms from Dr. Mohammad Al Kandary I will call the numbers he had in his campaign and scream my head off. How did they get my number anyway? And eshfee mo shayef khair chinna awal wa7id idish il majlis! Kho khalesat il intekhabat!!!


I’m voting.

May 16, 2008

So I finally made up my mind and decided that I should vote. I’m still not going to the nadwat/maqarrat, so I’m going to choose my candidates based on the information I have in front of me (i.e. their websites) and what I read in the newspaper.

What I’m looking for: A candidate that supports women’s full rights – including giving the nationality to her children and husband, the housing loan, etc. Saying that you demand “housing” and “treatment of her children as Kuwaitis” doesn’t cut it.

What else I’m looking for: I’m against those people who want to reduce any of our freedoms whether it’s segregation, or things as simple as a women’s football team.

The candidates:

Abdulmehsen Al Medej: Someone please explain what this means. I really want to vote for this guy.
معالجة أوضاع أبناء المرأة الكويتية المتزوجة من غير كويتي بما يكفل عدم التمييز ضدها في حقوق المواطنة.

Hussain Al Huraiti: This guy has no mention of women’s rights, but I might vote for him based on his previous performance. I might call the numbers in his campaign.

Bokhamseen-AlSaleh-Ashour: I think I read in the newspaper that this group supported women’s full rights. I won’t vote for all 3 though, unless I don’t have anyone else to vote for.

Hassan Johar: I wanted to vote for this guy (based on previous performace) until he joined this alliance with Lari & A.Samad. So no.

Abdullah Al Roomi, Dr. Mohammed Al Kandari, Abdulwahid Al Awadhi: I don’t have info on these but hopefully I will before the end of the day. If anyone can provide a link to a site or FB group I’d be thankful.


WordPress and their very unrelated posts

May 15, 2008

A couple of days ago I noticed that every post I read on a wordpress blog (including my latest post) has some “Possibly related posts” at the bottom. They are totally unrelated and stupid, plus, they are from other people’s blogs. If they annoy you as much as they annoy me, then you can disable them by going to Dashboard -> Design -> Extras then check “Hide related links on this blog…”



May 6, 2008

– I read all blogs, but I only comment when the urge hits.

– Can we sue MTC for releasing our phone numbers to those election bitches?

– I do not have the time to visit the maqarrat, therefore I am not voting for anyone.

– Graduation party is tomorrow, I’m not attending.

– I drive approx, 25-30 km to work. I’m not happy about it.

– Most days I can’t breathe and my eyes are red (blame the weather).

– I want a new laptop (Macbook Air?) and a new phone.

– I want to go shopping but I know I won’t like anything.

– I need to travel.

– I won’t be posting anything for a while.


The storm

April 23, 2008

I was looking through my hundreds of accumulated forwards in my inbox and saw one on the storm that happened april 11th, and i realized that:

-Trees fell
-Streetlights fell
-Street advertisements fell
-Road signs fell
-Satellite dishes were flown off roofs
-Many other things broke/collapsed/fell..

But every single speed camera is still standing.


THE Book..

April 16, 2008


April 15, 2008


Imagine Me!

April 9, 2008

From blog um-mit3ibb 😛 How do you think I look? If you’ve seen me, did I look like u imagined me?

Long/short hair?
Black/Red/Blonde/Brown/Purple/Blue hair?



No More Idiots

April 5, 2008


I disabled pokes and friend requests from non-friends. I hate facebook. I HATE FACEBOOK.

Edit: I spoke too soon. Got a message from an idiot as I was posting this. So messages are disabled too.